Why this programme?


I hear the heart breaking stories of my clients – failed wherever they look and desperate and scared.

I know I have something special – ten years of experience in helping my depressed clients and a near 90% success rate.

I have said to myself – How wonderful it would be if I could create an online programme for depression recovery that as far as is possible offered exactly what I offer to my one on one depressed clients?

And I have done exactly that. This is it – road tested and now ready.

Andrew Richardson

What exactly is it?

New scientific understandings are at last revealing how the brain creates depression feelings.

This programme has been carefully put together and tested so that these great insights can be used for your recovery – in your time and at the pace that best suits you.

Please take the time to watch the YouTube video below in which I explain more about my Depression Recovery Programme and what you can expect from it.

The programme comprises five suites of audios together with a comprehensive guide, evaluation questionnaires and most important, email access to me, Andrew Richardson.

Email access has shown itself to be important – so you can make the right choice for you and be expertly guided through the programme material.


Five Audio suites

Suite 1 – Building Hope and Firefighting for a Calmer Mind

Suite 2 – Trauma Release to free from memories that are stuck inside your head

Suite 3 – Learning to Relax – tools for your regular use

Suite 4 – Clearing Patterns – freeing you from your unwelcome habits and patterns

Suite 5 – Action to get your life working – setting goals and building your resources


Is this programme for you?

Answer these questions to find out

  1. Are you mentally and emotionally exhausted?
  2. Can you barely drag yourself out of bed in the morning?
  3. Have you slept for ages, but in the morning you are not refreshed?
  4. Is your self confidence low and hope disappearing?
  5. Do you feel a burden on your family but know that you need something that they cannot give you?
  6. Do you feel trapped in your head – unable to escape thoughts, projections and self obsessions that you know are ridiculous?
  7. Finally, have you been to your GP, tried antidepressants or CBT and been disappointed. Also are you sick of all those tips and techniques – because however sensible they are, they just seem too hard.

If you answer YES to most or all of these, then this Depression Recovery Programme could be just what you have been looking for

  • You will learn why this is happening to you and you will find that this explanation makes so much sense, that hope begins to come back. And with hope returning, you can begin to get your life working once again.
  • And how best can you do that? Your mind and emotions must begin to quieten down. And the programme helps you do this by self help audios to remove any Trauma memories which just will not go away and by a series of Relaxation tools for you to practice..
  • The programme will help you to tackle those patterns and habits and the black and white thinking styles that need to be sorted.
  • We will help you to set goals, build up your talents and resources (even if well hidden) and rehearse the changes you can make. So you can take the necessary action to get your life back on track.


How confident can you be that this will really help you?

slide_2.jpgUnique is an overused word – but as far as I can see my Self Help Tools, either individually or combined into the complete Online Depression Recovery Programme comes pretty close to being just that.

The tools are based on the revolutionary Human Givens approach – these are combined with my experience and proven track record of over ten years as a successful therapist.

Human Givens

  • Human Givens is UK based, dates from the late 1990s and already, there is academically respectable evidence of superior outcomes for Human Givens compared to CBT
  • Human Givens combines original science with a synthesis of what works. Truly Human Givens stands on the shoulders of giants

Andrew Richardson

  • Ten years of successful private practice following a previous career in business and the city
  • Almost uniquely for a private therapist, he keeps hard evidence of outcomes for all his troubled clients. He knows that well over 85% will be feeling better within four sessions

Jean from Edinburgh speaks about the Programme

“Andrew Richardson’s unique product is a lifeline for people trapped in the terrifying cycle of trauma which so few understand. His comprehensive downloads for depression, anxiety and trauma respond elegantly to the digital age where so much has become immediate.  And that is a word that people who are facing the abyss of despair love to embrace – immediate help, where it is needed, in the home.

Andrew’s CDs have pulled me out of a life story I never thought I would put behind me. He makes self-responsibility look like a very attractive tool as my life shifts further towards the light with every listen. Thank you Andrew – you are a star!”

Jo Ham, a Human Givens therapist comments on the Programme

“It’s a great programme and really impressive that you’ve pulled this off and pulled it all together! Your voice is great, your use of language very inspiring and your metaphors always interesting and thought-provoking. I’m sure that participants would find this programme accessible and flexible enough to deal with the various issues that they may have.


  • The Depression Recovery Programme cannot guarantee recovery – but some improvement if not complete recovery is highly likely.
  • The audios are a mixture of information and teaching and trance. Many will repay being listened to a number of times. And you should never listen to any audio while driving or otherwise engaged in activities that require your full attention
  • This programme is suitable for those currently taking antidepressants.
  • If you are Bipolar or Aspergic, then this programme will be much harder to use and with a much reduced chance to lead to sustainable improvement or full recovery.

Your treatment options

  • Subscribe to the full programme now

The discounted price is £185

Comprising the five audio suites, a complete Guide, Evaluation Questionnaires, the Audio scripts and Email Access to Andrew Richardson – to make the programme work best for you

  • Subscribe to the Hope & Firefighting Suite and when you are ready, subscribe to the rest

Hope & Firefighting is £39 and then the other four suites is £170. This makes a total of £209

  • A la carte – beginning with the suite that seems right for you – knowing that there is email access to Andrew Richardson at all times

Do you need HOPE to counter your despair and exhaustion? Find out more here – and you buy the suite in full for £39 or sample one audio (for £9.50)

Do you need TRAUMA RELEASE to be free from memories that are stuck inside your head? Find out more here – and you can buy the suite in full for £59 or sample one audio (for £9.50)

Do you need to LEARN TO RELAX and have tools for your regular use?  Find out more here – and you can buy the suite in full for £49 or sample two audios (for £9.50)

Do you need to CLEAR HABITS AND PATTERNS that are unwelcome? Find out more here – and you can buy the suite in full for £49 or sample two audios (for £9.50)

Do you need to ACT EFFECTIVELY and to get your life working? Find out more here – and you can buy the suite in full for £49 or sample two audios (for £9.50)


Bespoke – for exactly what you need

Together we can construct the right programme of audios for you – including individual therapy sessions (one on one or Skype) to support your recovery from depression. Email me at mail@andrewmrichardson.o.uk

Take the programme at your own pace


I know that you lack energy and motivation and at times can be overwhelmed. And so you need to ease into this programme at your own pace and in the way that suits you.

That is why we provide audios you can listen to – just when you are ready and then carry on to the next stage.

The common thread of the programme is to take pressure off your mind and to quieten down your emotions. And by doing this, you can move away from a downward spiraling Vicious Cycle towards a positively reinforcing Virtuous Cycle.

There are five suits of audios and each is self standing and valuable on its own. And from each, you can progress onto another. There is the guidance you need to make the right choice for you. And you can email me at any time for help on this if you feel it is needed.

This is practical help from an experienced Depression Counsellor

slide_2.jpgI am not a medical expert and I don’t offer drugs or solutions signed off by prestigious academics. Instead I have the experience of helping hundreds of very depressed people in my private practice. So I know what will work for the large majority.

I am motivated by compassion for all those who suffer from ignorance and the bad quality of the help that is out there for their depression.

And I am greatly excited – as I have found a way to translate my one on one therapy into a programme for depression recovery that can be available to anyone.

  1. Check out the ten minute sample audio that contains snippets from various suites of the Depression Recovery programme and download my bestselling book – The Depression Optimist.
  2. Try the Hope & Firefighting audio suite first and then buy the rest at a 15% discount. Both with email support from Andrew Richardson
  3. Or buy all five suites at a 24% discount and receive personal email support from Andrew Richardson. This is the full programme for emotional health. Always available
  4. Buy any one of the five Self Help Suites – the one that appeals to you the most. And receive email support from Andrew Richardson

What to do next

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