3 steps to understanding how depression takes hold

Depression is not a mystery to understand and neither should it be something to be scared of.  But, there is so little understanding of what a depression is and this leaves a lot of space for real rubbish to be written.  This in turn explains why depression can be held in such awe.  It reflects how little it is understood – allied to the recognition of the terrible suffering a seriously depressed individual can endure.  And if you see this in others or endure it yourself and not know what is going on and have the dawning realisation that neither do the experts, why then naturally you will be scared.

How then does depression take hold – according to the Human Givens approach and as I have experienced it from the many that have come to me seriously depressed and out of hope?  It is all about useless worrying as depression is a brain that is absolutely exhausted, by worrying incessantly and without any result or resolution.

The three steps on the road to Depression taking hold

  1. What starts us of on the road of useless worrying?  There are a hundred reasons but all can be understood as the response to a life that is not working well – either because circumstances have changed or because we do not have the emotional resources to cope.  These must be dealt with, but – and this is the crucial bit – not until we are worrying less, really understanding what is going on in our brain and so beginning to feel better.
  2. And why do we worry so uselessly?  Well if the worrying does not produce answers and just makes us feel worse, then what else can we do but worry even more?  Virtually all of the useless depression inducing worrying that I come across are variants of “what is wrong with me” and ”what can I do about this mess I am in” questions.  If you keep asking these kinds of questions and actually you have no idea of the answers – well that is a recipe for depression.
  3. And why is useless worrying so exhausting? It is by not knowing or not having it simply explained that this is caused by dreaming far too much.  Dreaming uses up a lot of energy and so over dreaming, in a failing attempt to deal with the useless worrying that exhausts us sets us on the depression road – a vicious cycle indeed. Human Givens explains dreaming

There will be much more on all of this in later posts, including how to get out of a depression.  But if you want answers now, then go to my Depression Treatment.

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