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Human Givens therapy – to transform your life

Human Givens therapy dates from the turn of the century and is entirely UK based. And in that time we have discovered that Human Givens therapy works. Human Givens evidence is growing. Yes, truly the Human Givens approach will relieve most depressions, quickly and reliably.  Also, Human Givens therapy will clear away many of the broad range of anxieties that inflict us.  And successfully de-traumatise past memories.  A Human Givens practitioner will help many who are addicted, to move onto better things.

More than that, the Human Givens approach is transforming how we understand ourselves and mental illnesses. The main ideas are so simple that they can be comprehended very quickly.

In our understanding of severe mental and emotional distress (still called mental illness by many) that progress is most clear. We can now appreciate that most conditions, which we call mental illness are as failing attempts to live a life that works.  This is because vital resources – around how we use our emotions, intellect and habits – are not working properly.

The plan for this post

I will summarise the idea at the heart of the Human Givens approach. I then show how this idea together with my training, as a Human Givens practitioner, becomes excellent therapy.  This is to help clients recover from depression, a range of anxieties and powerful addictions.

You will also see a summary of the evidence with links, that shows that Human Givens works. There is a Human Givens therapy evidence base that already is impressive. This includes my own track record.

The organising idea of Human Givens

Our essential human givens needsSo what are the Givens of Humans? According to human givens, these are our essential human needs and the resources that we have to get these needs met.

Our essential needs include not just physical needs for food and shelter but emotional needs also – for security and safety, control, human relationships, satisfying work and status and meaning (for which we can happily get up every morning).

And if for whatever reason these all-important needs are not being well met, then we will suffer stress and mental impairment. And just as a hungry individual feels hunger pangs, so if we are failing to get essential needs met we will suffer anxieties, excessive worries, displacement activities which in turn can shift into depressions, anxieties, psychoses, checking behaviours and addictions.

But we humans have been blessed with resources that are designed to ensure that our needs are well met. And if we are blessed with resources that are working well and are living an environment of reasonable balance, then our needs will be well met and we will be emotionally healthy.

What are our important resources? They include our thinking brain, our emotional templates, our empathy and our ability to stand separate and view ourselves, our dreaming brain and our imagination.

Please go to this page where the human given’s organising idea is fully explained. And you can review our human needs and human resources and in indeed complete a needs audit questionnaire, which I will receive and happily review.

I also recommend that you look at this post which expands on how we can better understand the broad range of mental illnesses, by using Human Givens ideas.

As a Human Givens practitioner, how do I use these principles to help my depressed, anxious or addicted clients?

If these ideas truly excite you, then go to Human Givens Publishing.

And view Joe Griffin explaining these revolutionary ideas to a class of HG graduates

My tried and tested principles of Human Givens therapy, face-to-face or online

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One) Explanation

Are you exhausted a lot of the time and barely able to get out of bed in the morning? Are you hiding away and failing to deal with the basic tasks of living? Do you live in a state of dread and your mind seems out of control?

Then you are depressed and the first step on your road to recovery is to understand why exactly this is happening to you. And you really need to understand it because when you do a miracle will happen – you will begin to get a sense of hope. My online work with you will include hypnotic relaxation, suggestion and if necessary trauma relief …and tailor-made audios for you to listen to.

Do you hide away from certain social situations? Or perhaps you have a difficult relationship with a parent and can’t seem to move on? Or do you have a habit which seems ridiculous but you can’t shift it?

I will explain exactly why this is happening to you and present you with audios and online hypnosis sessions that will shift your unconscious and allow you to make transformational change.

And there will be so much more

. Whatever your problem, my starting point will invariably be to explain it to you why it is happening to you in ways that will make perfect sense. And then we will reinforce this explanation so it really sticks.

We are dealing with patterns and habits that seem out of control. But they are not fixed and we will lift them – by understanding what they are, by online hypnosis and by the judicious use of audios that you can use in your own time but critically, under my direction

Two) Trauma relief

I explain much more about this in other pages on this site – go here and here. The great news is that the Rewind trance method can be undertaken online. I have used it successfully on many occasions with clients in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America and of course in the United States.

Three) Reinforcement, rehearsal and practical help

Perhaps the most important insights of Human Givens is that healthy lives require that we are getting our essential emotional needs met – around work, safety, relationships and meaning and that our resources and capacities are working well in the service of a life that works.

And this organising idea will be a key part of our Human Givens face-to-face and online work together. We will identify changes that you can make to your life and I will help you with reinforcement and rehearsal and by building up and if necessary healing your resources.

Human Givens Therapy:

  • We learn of the essential role of dreaming to maintain emotional health.
  • We understand that habits create patterns which if inappropriate, influence our emotions such that these can overwhelm desirable thinking and actions.
  • We strive to make effective use of a range of tools and methods to help our clients shift unhelpful patterns and empower them to use their own resources to meet their essential needs.

Human Givens therapy the evidence base

 75% of patients in a Luton GP surgery were reliably improved after HG therapy. This was accomplished in an average of only 3.6 sessions. The results were significantly better than the NHS and its flagship IAPT programme, which uses therapists trained in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). (Based on a 2011 peer-reviewed study – feel free to download.)

You can read more of my 85% plus track record of success here.

The complete listing of hard evidence from the Human Givens Institute

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