Online Counselling

My experience is that long distance online counselling is not only possible but can be as effective as being in the same room

From the comfort of your own home: outstanding help, medication free for your DEPRESSION, ANXIETIES and ADDICTIONS

UK trained Human Givens counsellor, with a great track record for clients all over the world. Research shows that Human Givens therapists do a better job than the NHS

Why choose my Online Human Givens therapy?

Online can work as well as face-to-face


Over the last few years I have successfully treated clients from the United States, Central America, and Canada, in Europe, the Middle East and Far East, India, Japan, Australia and Southern Africa – as well through the length and breadth of the UK.

My tried and tested approach works well online

  • Good rapport can be established.
  • Trance work and de-traumatisation using the REWIND method is easily possible.
  • Evidence of progress can be logged at each session.
  • My tailor-made audios can be downloaded.

Human Givens is proven better than the UK NHS


Human Givens stands on the shoulders of giants. We use modern psychology and understand that it is emotions not thoughts that are the most important drivers of mental distress. We use the language of trance, stories and metaphors and practical task work.

Three Questions

Are you not coping – tired all the time, your head not working properly and full up with ruminations and worries?

 If so you are depressed you need human givens right now. We will explain why you are feeling as you are. Your hope and levels of energy will be restored and you can then get your life working well again.

Are you fearful too much of the time? Are you hyper vigilant and sometimes overwhelmed with panic and dread?

 If so we can clear your anxieties by de-traumatising past memories and changing your relationship with these fearful feelings.


Are you drowning in addictions and bad habits that are destroying your capacity to live the life you would wish to and leaving you humiliated and helpless?

I will help you by leaving you gently towards a life that is working better and then you can let this addiction go

Do any of these questions resonate?

If so, this is how I will help you to feel better quickly


  • By explaining why you are feeling and acting as you are: this will take pressure off you and inject hope and mental energy.

  • By clearing your head space – of foolish fears, bad memories and damaging habits.

  • By shifting your focus to what is good and useful in your life experiences and belief systems.

  • By helping you to take the first practical steps get your life working, which will then lead onto the next … and the next.

You can be hopeful – and recover more quickly than you might ever imagine.

My 30 minute Free Human Givens Consultation

No medication, no endless talking.

Instead…Practical help, Up-to-date psychology, Hypnotherapy and Tailor made audios.

Why Choose Me?

I am Experienced

15 years as a successful private practitioner.  With hard evidence of 85% plus success (based on client’s own evaluation)

No endless talking, no medication

Perhaps you have tried conventional counselling and medical interventions and are aware of their limitations.

With me, modern psychology, hypnotherapy. tailor-made audios and a relentless focus on what is needed to get your life back on track.

Trained in Human Givens – proven better than the NHS

Human Givens stands on the shoulders of giants. We use modern psychology and understand that it is emotions not thoughts that are the most important drivers of mental health and mental distress.

We use the language of trance, stories and metaphors and practical task work.

It won’t cost an arm and a leg

I offer a free 30 minute Human Givens consultation.  And on average, I see my clients for just 4 sessions.

I am an excellent Therapist

The evidence is that the best therapists may be born and not made. My track record, personal life story and approach suggests I am fortunate enough to be one of the best. Try me and see for yourself

 Therapist/counsellor in St Austell, Cornwall and Online

 Is your mind out of control and your life unravelling? And you don’t know what to do?

I provide proven and reliable help for those with depression, anxieties, self-sabotaging habits and addictions or if you’d rather not give it a name – being out of control and not coping.

I will work quickly and this will be potentially transformative for you.


No endless talking, no medication and a record of success and transformed lives.

Practical help, Up-to-date Psychology, Hypnotherapy and Tailor made audios

Find out more of how I work:

Tell me about yourself.  Complete a Questionnaire.

I come highly Commended

Most of my many testimonials are unsolicited and come to me well after our time together

Finally, a few words about Me

I am not your typical counsellor. First off, I am now in my late sixties and am pretty well housebound with an atypical Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This affects my mobility but nothing much else as otherwise I am pretty healthy (touch wood).

My record and many testimonials show that I am an excellent therapist. Why is that? I believe it is because of my background in business and my Human Givens training and having to live with chronic MS. This gives me an authority and flexibility that puts clients at their ease and they can have confidence in my approach.

I made this video some years ago now, but it covers the ground very well. I would not wish to change anything – apart from my location.  I have moved to beautiful Cornwall.