How to beat Depression

This is the first step.

There is no doubt that the experience of depression is one of the worst experiences anyone can have. And how to beat depression just seems far too hard, impossible even. There is a continual fear and panic and sense of being out of control.   You just cannot slow your emotions down and stop those thoughts. It’s as if you are trapped inside your mind like in a burning room with no exits.

What is happening to you and why and what can you do about it? The question keeps coming up for you and there are no good answers. You have a sense of impending catastrophe and you feel your life is slipping away and there is nothing you can do. And you are so tired and exhausted and ashamed and angry.

So, you tell yourself that the first step to how to beat depression is to shift this experience as quickly as possible –to change the momentum. And though you will gets lots of advice on how to do this – so many of these ideas just seem too damn hard.

Maybe you have tried antidepressants and traditional talking therapy. Maybe you have been to a CBT therapist who told you to challenge all of these crazy thoughts. Maybe you have tried to exercise, to eat better and even to meditate.

But nothing is working and the fact that nothing is – just feeds the despair and panic?

Am I right? Is this how it is for you?

So this is what do you do? You open yourself to the Human Givens explanation of why this depression nightmare is happening

You really do this so that the explanation not only makes more and more sense to you but as you embed it into your unconscious, something wonderful and amazing and completely unexpected will begin to happen.

You will begin to calm down and feel something that you have not felt for maybe a long time – you will sense a sliver of hope. You are no longer helpless because you are ignorant but have some hope – because you are arming yourself with knowledge, And you are learning that you are not going mad – that there is an explanation which not only makes complete sense but which will take away a lot of the personal guilt you feel

And how best can you begin to do this? Well start by reading this earlier post – What is Depression?

But best of all and to ensure that the benefit comes through quickly and does indeed embed into your unconscious; you can listen to my Hope & Firefighting suite of Audios.  There are four audios and you should listen to them again and again. And I promise you. You will be feeling better very quickly.

And then as you feel better you can focus on all the practical steps you can begin to take. These are in your day to day life – the small steps you can take to connect with friends and family and to begin to more active in what you are doing. Because you know that

You can also begin to shift some of your life habits – more exercise, a better diet and indeed a modest spiritual practice – such as a gratitude practice or even meditation.

There are loads to try out and you will have come across books and websites and forums that are full of ideas and suggestions.

The point is that now you are calmer you can find what works for you and incorporate these into your life. But don’t do this if they add too much pressure. For example, meditation and mindfulness has its place – but used too soon with too many expectations – then this will add to your worries and sense of hopelessness.

This is a message of hope by embracing what Human Givens has to say.