Holiday Blues – what to do when you are slipping (further) into a depression

It just is not the case that everyone is looking forward to the holiday season and there are many reasons why holiday blues will be a big feature for some. And indeed some of these reasons will not indicate a problem that needs help to deal with it. Afterall, nowhere was it written that life has to be free from stress and both the build up and the event itself (spread as it is over a week or more) can add to this in ways that we will all be familiar with.

But what if the holiday season either adds to or accentuates pressures that are already there – in particular as they relate to depression? What if we are talking about more than the normal holiday blues?

What I aim to do here is to help you identify if you have depression or are susceptible to depressive feelings that are likely to be made worse over Christmas and the New Year – and what you can do about it.

So ask yourself these questions and if you answer yes to each or all of them, then there is an issue that needs help and it is more than holiday blues.

  1. Are you tired particularly in the morning?
  2. Are there particular issues in your life that you dreading and that have been concerning you and which don’t seem to go away?
  3. Are you even more preoccupied that normal with some of your perennial problems? These may well be around loss and fears that are often or always there – and often they are linked to family or financial worries or reminders of your perceived inadequacies?
  4. Has there been a recent blow that you are still reeling from – either personal or professional?
  5. And indeed is being away from work and unable to deal with these issues or having to spend time with people that you would otherwise be able to handle or avoid – making the situation worse?

My website and earlier posts will explain exactly why these five questions are so important. Go here and here. The key concern here though is what you can do about it now as the holiday season approaches, which will at the very least mitigate these negative, helpless and exhausting feelings? Well, you can try these.

  1. Postpone worrying about until after the season is over and focus on small pleasures and victories. Distraction is actually easier just because the normal routine is gone. So what could you do? Spend time just thinking about this in what will be the coming daily holiday experience.
  2. Remember the Christmas message and give your attention to others. And I mean really give it. And what do you find that you can do that might make a difference to someone?
  3. Read what Human Givens says are the causes of depression
  4. Go to my Free Healing MP3s and listen to my Relaxation and Depression audio. And then listen to them again.