Coping with Depression – three things you should do right now

If you find yourself just coping with depression, then it strongly suggests to me that your experience is that recovery from your depression is difficult if not impossible. I am reminded that so many of my clients find themselves in this dark place before their first session with me. And like them you may very well have tried hard over an extended period to find the help you need. And it is because this effort has been in vain that you have reluctantly and painfully concluded that you will just have to find the best way to be coping with depression.

Let me say that coping with depression as one kind of life problem can be a better option than to fight hard and persistently against them – that sometimes it is better to adjust rather than to be stubborn and unmovable.

But my urgent advice to you is that for coping with depression, you do not acquiesce and accept it – at least not until you have checked out the following;

Have you discovered what Human Givens has to say about the cause of your depression?

You can do this by looking at this earlier post – what is depression and the depression symptoms page of my website

Does the role of excess dreaming as the immediate source of how you are feeling make sense to you and then how a self feeding vicious cycle can get under way? Are you intrigued and even a little excited by this? If so, then what you now need to do is to get hold of my Hope and Firefighting suite of audios here. By the time you have finished with them, this explanation will be making so much sense that some of your terrors and resignation will be beginning to be replaced by some hope and lightness.

Next you should think about the role that trauma has played in keeping you lost in your depression

Trauma is much more common than you might think and covers a myriad of past memories – from bullying, loss, disappointment, accidents, panic attacks and the experience of depression itself to name just a few. But this trauma can be cleared so that the memory no longer affects you. If this was the case for some of your really bad past memories, would this also clear your depression?

If you think it might, then read what I say here and in this blog post on the Rewind .

And then, you should look at your life now

Attempt a Needs Audit and see what is stopping you get the control, satisfying activities and relationship’s that you have been desperately worrying about.

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