Why is a Human Givens therapist so special?

Human Givens is a slightly odd name for something which makes so much sense, that when you understand the basics of it, it is hard to imagine why everybody does not see things that way. And you can certainly understand why a Human Givens counsellor is so effective.

This is a summary of how a Human Givens counsellor see things and how we go about helping people lost in depression, anxieties, addictions, overwhelming life problems and so on.
  • We want to know how well that person’s life is working now.  Specifically what essential human needs are not being met – around safety, control, relationships and the work they do.  We ask this because we know that if a person’s needs are being well met, then they will be OK.
  • We then want to understand how that person got where there are now? What happened to them, both recently or further back that meant that they found they could not cope, however hard they tried and then things got worse and not better.
  • We would then want to begin to heal some of that person’s resources, particularly focusing on their emotions.  Because we would see clearly that their emotions were often out of control and as a result, self confidence was low.  And we know how to do this in most cases – often by using hypnotherapy and trance and being able to clear away traumatic memories.
  • Finally we will help our client refocus on doing things so that they can take the necessary action to get their life working better.  We would remind them of their strengths and good experiences, that maybe they had forgotten about.

Human Givens is UK based and began in the late 1990s. They have a teaching programme and some amazing literature. Go to the human givens institute and human givens college if you want to know more – or to my Human Givens article on this website.