Life Coaching – Goal setting

Goal setting begins in your imagination and is there enhanced, magnified and filled in until it is meaningful to you, realistic and grounded and so achievable.

There is a well established literature on how to work with objectives which begins with the SMART acronym – so much so that I found this image. It all makes sense and is good place to start.

This is about stating and understanding where you want be go in a positive way – with no negatives (i.e. do not spend time focusing on where you don’t want to go). Be very simple in setting the destination and at the beginning spend time paring it down to something you can write down in just one sentence or less.

At this early stage too, you should be aware of the emotions that arise when you focus on the specifics. Is the goal meaningful? Does it excite and motivate you when you state it now – as if it has happened? If there are other emotions attached to it – such as doubt, anxiety or fear – then these need to be understood. After all – this is potentially an important source of information and wisdom. Have you forgotten something important?

When you have set down the destination in broad but simple terms, then you can fill in the gaps and spaces – in other words the detail of times and dates and amounts.

This is where you make sure that the ground is prepared and the preliminary steps have been made. And this can cover anything and everything – from mental and emotional work to practicalities such as finance, good relationships and courses undertaken.

This is where you have to see everything in terms of your human needs and be able to distinguish between wants and needs. If you want to remind yourself about all this, then click here

This is about seeing the path to your goal and being able to fit it in to the time line of your life. Your imagination is the best tool that you have at this stage. So transform the end goal into an image that uses all the senses and is not just a picture. And could you then step into this image and be part of it? And then step out of it so you see yourself there and the path to that destination.

Have fun with this.