Prince Harry is wrong: you don’t need to talk endlessly to professionals about your problems

We are living through a mental health epidemic with the incidence of depressions and anxieties going through the roof. And antidepressant prescriptions are doubling every six years. And so in desperation we seem to have alighted on three false explanations for why it is happening and what we should do about it.

Falsehood One

There is a great stigma around mental health and so we all scared to admit our mental problems. And this in turn means that we cannot get the help we need.

Falsehood Two

Depressions and Anxieties are illnesses and so medics should handle the epidemic and all they need to be able to do this is parity of esteem and funding with physically based ill health. The fact that the epidemic has developed while medics have been in charge is glossed over. The idea that maybe they have no idea is never given house room.

Falsehood Three

That talking about your problems and not keeping it buttoned in is the answer.  Afterall it has worked for Prince Harry

But what if the real problem is that depressions and anxieties are not illnesses? In which case, the medical approach cannot help.  And what if the real problem is ignorance about what is actually causing the epidemic?  And this ignorance then creates fear and this is then mistaken for stigma?

Further, what if depressions and anxieties are in fact quite easy to understand?

Well such an explanation exists – from the Human Givens. And what is so powerful about what Human Givens says is that their explanation combines an understanding of how brain processes work with how that fits in to that person’s everyday life.

And this is it.

Depressions and anxieties are caused by worrying, leading to exhausting over dreaming and a highly sensitised limbic system (where the flight/fight is found) and that as one’s life begins to unravel, a negative self feeding cycle develops which keeps you depressed and anxious.

This explanation is rooted in the real world of human needs rather than the false hope of trusting doctors who should stick to dealing with heart problems, cancers, motorway pile ups etc.

What is needed for depression and anxiety sufferers is first of all is that this explanation is clearly understood because when it is, fear and hopelessness will begin to fade. It is also important that the trauma memories locked into the limbic system can be cleared and Human Given teaches trance methods that can do exactly that. Finally, when emotions and worrying is coming down, then practical help and advice can be given to build up resources and get lives working better,

Also just talking about problems is not only complicated, time consuming but will often make things worse – as levels of rumination and worry can increase.

And of course, if there is trauma (such as the tragic death of your mother as Prince Harry endured) then can be handled quickly with well practiced trauma release hypnotherapy?

Finally if our lives are so stressed and pressurised in the first place, this will reflect big social questions – such as the breakdown of family, materialism, job  insecurity, reliance on a bureaucratic state and so one (we can all make our own list). But surely we can agree, it is not about illnesses and medical solutions.