Close your eyes and open up your mind

We all have wonderful memories of enjoyment, excitement and aha moments – when we got something or learnt something – when our knowledge and understanding was expanded.  Just spend a moment to recall some such memory.

Have you done that?  I wonder how many of these were shared with others – perhaps a family gathering or in an audience to a great film or live performance. Or maybe you were witnessing something unforgettable, such as a championship final or a national event. And these memories will have become part of who you are, haven’t they?

Further, we have all been inspired (for good or ill) by teachers, writers, politicians, mystics, performers and chance acquaintances to name but a few.

BUT and it is a big but – it will be when we are consciously focussing internally that we can work best to heal ourselves mentally and emotionally. And this will be so even if we happen to be in the presence of others.

This is why audios are so useful for our mental and emotional healing – and much more than the written word or images or videos and films.  With the right kind of audio material we can calmly access our unconscious and allow ourselves to find what needs to shift and heal.

My experience as a Human Givens therapist is that we learn best by listening and imagining, and then doing – which is why the core of the Breakthrough programmes, which recreates the methods of my proven face to face therapy are audios that speak to your unconscious.

We can close our eyes and open up our mind.

And of course you can listen again and again.  And each time you do, there will be further enlightenment and further healing.  You will be finding what you need.

How can I be so sure? It is because I am using the wisdom of my Human Givens teaching, which has been developed and refined by my one on one therapy, over more than a decade. In these Six Breakthrough Audio Programmes. I use the very same explanations, methods, metaphors, stories and delivery.

I am of course standing on the shoulders of giants – Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell (the founders of Human Givens), Milton Erickson, Bill O’Hanlon, Arthur Deikman, Indries Shah and many more.

And above all it is to my clients over these many years that I owe the most of all – the large majority of which I am so glad to say did heal and recover well.