How to rid depression once and for all

To rid depression – recovering from depression and then staying free of it is easier than you think.

I am not going to insult your intelligence by saying that recovery is a secret and I happen to know it. Neither am I saying that if you just do this one thing, take this one supplement or undertake this one lifestyle change, then all your problems will be over. Again, that would be to stretch your natural indulgence and generosity to beyond its breaking point.

But you can rid depression and for most that are lost in depression, it will be easier and quicker than you can imagine. And once free of it, you can stay free.

And you don’t need medication and it’s not about talking about your problems and you certainly don’t need to spend time challenging all of your crazy thoughts.  Neither should you spend too much time at the beginning of your recovery with changing your diet or taking supplements. I am not saying that there is no place for any or all of these – but that they should not be where you begin.

These are the steps you need to take to be rid of depression.

One – understanding your depression

You need to understand what a depression is all about.  And when you do that, you will already be beginning to feel better – there will be the beginning of some hope where right now there is none. Because you will understand that you are not mad or mentally ill and that there is a route out of the big hole you are in.

There are new scientific understandings of exactly how the brain manufactures depression feelings. And it is to these understandings that you need to look. It is a lot to do with why we dream and what the purpose of dreaming is.  It is all explained here – what is depression.  But a word of warning – when looking to understand what a depression is, keep well away from the official medical explanations and those sources (websites, self help forums, books, TV programmes, newspaper articles, YouTube videos etc. etc.) who uncritically peddle these official views.

Two – firefighting to get worry levels down

You then need to do whatever it takes to get yourself worrying less. I call this firefighting and the benefits for you can be very quick.  You could notice yourself calming down and with more energy within a few days. And when you understand what is causing your depression, you will have a much better idea as to how to do this.  Go here to find out much more

Three – now you are feeling calmer and better, you can begin to deal with the life problems that will be lurking somewhere

You need to see what you can do to get your life working better. You should take small steps to begin with – changing your daily routine, finding that you can improve you important relationship, focusing on your strengths – that kind of thing. And what you may find is that it is surprisingly easy, simply because your emotions are coming under control. You may also make an amazing discovery – that some of those life problems that were causing you to worry so much are fading away.  This is simply because you are now feeling a little better.

Four – begin the work to get your emotions working for you

Emotions and how they should be working for you is a big topic. You will see that here  and here . There are many ways for you to do this. And of course my Breakthrough Audio Programmes are designed with just this in mind

Getting rid of your depression – the Bottom Line

If you are living a life that is working well for you – with a degree of security and control where the work you do is reasonably stretching and satisfying and your relationships are good – then you will not be depressed. Are there any arguments there?

So it follows that to get rid of and then to stay free of depression, you must continue to use all your resources and principally your emotions in the service of a life that works.

And this is not a quick fix but it can begin happen quickly. Contact me and found out how I can help

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