Epiphanies and Aha moments with my Audio Breakthrough Programmes

As a successful counsellor/psychotherapist (successful I should say in the proven help I have given to so many over the past decade or more), I have a long standing gripe with the profession I am part of. And it is that there is such an abysmal level of understanding of what drives most of the mental problems that we humans suffer from. I am talking of depressions, anxieties, addictions, obsessive behaviours – even psychosis and schizophrenia.

It’s actually more than a gripe; it is a despairing sense of frustration. Because if you don’t really know what is going on, how can you do anything to relieve the fears of those suffering and how can you hope to do much good in relieving this epidemic of mental afflictions?

And so the epidemic continues and the reliance on medication that we barely understand expands also. Did you know to give just one example, that the use of antidepressants in the UK is rising by over 6% per year – which means a doubling of usage every 12 years.

And the reason why I get so angry and frustrated is because my Human Givens training has taught me so much about what actually causes people to get lost in depressions, anxieties and addictions and the like and from there how to achieve (often quick) recovery.

Now, I have developed my own language to explain to my clients what is happening to them. And I have found that this makes so much sense to them. They then experience Aha moments. They have their very own epiphanies, with fantastic consequences.

Epiphanies and aha moments are lodged deep in the unconscious. They take pressure off and from that change is easier.  My clients discover the liberation that comes from experiential knowledge and that this knowledge creates hope.

In my Breakthrough Audio programmes, which recreate the methods of my one on one therapy have a special place for explanation and understandings.

An explanation of what is a depression plays a vital part of the Hope and Firefighting programme.

 You will have a very careful explanation of trauma, followed by diagnostics with the Trauma Release programme.

And my Conscious Relaxation audios explain carefully why relaxation practice can be so important

You will understand how our past experiences create the habits that we live with every day in Clearing Patterns

The Be Remarkable – Take Action audio programme is based on the powerful organising idea of Human Givens.

The explanation of what causes addiction lies at the heart of Moving Beyond Addictions

How can I help you have your epiphanies – of really understanding why you are suffering as you do?