Settle the stormy sea and lower emotional arousal

High emotional arousal can make us stupid and so first of all, we need to settle down.

Imagine being out of control – what comes into your mind? A big storm at sea in a small boat … or on a runaway horse … or having to decide right at this minute to buy or invest or confront … or perhaps it is thoughts and emotions running out of control?

It’s obvious what your first priority is. First of all you must find a way to get back control – to move somewhere calmer or to do something that gives you some space and time. Otherwise all you will be doing is firefighting and battling away and not really doing much of value at all.

At the core of all mental and emotional problems lies a lack of emotional control. And for this reason, the first job of a Human Givens therapist is to find ways to generate a calmer mind. And only then is there much to be gained by dealing with the life problems that seem to be so difficult to handle and which are contributing to the emotional arousal.

And this is why my Breakthrough Audio Programmes focus on doing just that. A clear understanding of why you are as you are may be incredibly helpful or there may be trauma memories to remove (with the Trauma Release programme). Or there may be habits and patterns to clear away or what you needs] is to practice and have experiences of relaxation.

It may also be that some of the very currently fashionable solutions are not right for you. Though meditation and mindfulness is often recommended, you will find this to be just too hard if you highly aroused a lot of the time.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy may also be too hard as to challenge thoughts is no use if your emotions are overwhelming you.

Finally, may I warn you against talking too much too early on. It is not always necessary to talk about it and just let it out as this can feed the feelings and thoughts and exhaustion.

The bottom line is this: your emotions are vital but you need to control them in order to hear them and then act on what they are saying.  And if you are depressed, anxious or addicted then your emotions will be out of control and you will be unable to do this.

Further, quietening emotions is essential for you to activate your resources – which is why the Trauma Release and Conscious Relaxation  audio programmes may be absolutely essential.