Damaging habits removed with Breakthrough Programmes

We are all creatures of habit.  We get up at similar times each day, our toilet habits will be the same and what we eat, read and choose to entertain us will be highly predictable.  And how could it be otherwise? Afterall we don’t reinvent ourselves every day and if we attempted to do so, it would get us nowhere. It would be pointless and exhausting.

So familiarity breeds habits and patterns and this means we can focus on what is important. But our habits are never completely fixed. What happens today will have evolved from what happened yesterday and the daily life we live and how we react and deal with it. And so as our life changes with our life cycle moving on and things happen and we make plans, then so will our habits and patterns.

And so our habits and patterns become part of our story – our unique life narrative that only we live and which we will interpret and make sense of as best we can.

My question for you is this: what if these long held habits and patterns that are such an important part of our life narrative are in fact sabotaging us such that we cannot live as well we could?

And so we find ourselves stuck in a self feeding negative vicious circle that is in effect a dead end?

Then of course we must change these habits and patterns and move onto a different life trajectory – so to create a self feeding virtuous circle

And this can be accomplished – first by using the power and language of your unconscious and second by reinforcing this by thinking and doing things differently

That is why my special Clearing Pattern audios can be vital to your recovery.

It will speak to your unconscious by using the right metaphors, finding the important memories and allowing you create a new empowering life narrative.

And then the Be Remarkable – Take Action audio programme will lead you to the life changes you yearn for.