Our Emotional Pain Points and how to clear them

Those who are suffering mental and emotional distress don’t tend to see their difficulties in terms of nice clean medical diagnoses – such as Depression, Generalised Anxiety Disorder and the like -but Pain Points

That is why I have constructed my Pain Points method. The starting point is to set down the typical mental and emotional pain points that lead people to seek help?  And following from that it is easy to see where these pain points fit into what I hope is a coherent set of principles for the relief of these pain points and the converse – what would not work.

The Pain Points that covers the majority of my clients who find their way to my door

  • Exhaustion, both mental and emotional – which leads to Depression
  • Feeling out of control and so Panicking and in Dread – which is where Anxieties come from
  • Shame and Frustration from repeating the same mistakes again and again
  • Stuckness – unable to move on from either powerful memories and experiences or life situations (work, relationships) that are not working.
  • Trapped in Addictions and the hopelessness and humiliation that arises

Some of my clients will be living with more than just one of these pain points and clearly they can merge into each other to some degree. And all of these pain points are self feeding as we do our best to deal with these pain points – even as we are aware that this is not helping and indeed may be making matters worse.

And how do I aim to relieve the Pain?

  • By a quick injection of hope and mental energy
  • By clearing your head space – of foolish fears, bad memories and, damaging habits
  • By shifting your focus to what is good and useful in your life experiences and belief systems
  • By helping you to take the first practical step, which will then lead onto the next … and the next

There is a well established tradition of therapy which leads attention to what works and to your strengths and resources and to the use of the trance language of influence. My Human Givens training and my practice over many years is suffused in this.

Would this solve your problems?

  • Explanation – why are you feeling as you do?
  • Firefighting – what to do now to begin to feel better quickly
  • Clearing bad memories and experiences that will just not go away
  • Confidence building – shifting your focus to what works and away from persistent negativity
  • Rehearsal and Goal setting

So many of the pain points are fuelled by an ignorance of why you are feeling the pain as you do. And I can provide explanations which are rooted in the latest neuro-biological and psychological understandings of what makes us tick. And with this understanding, pressure comes off. And by the judicious use of trance, especially around the de-traumatising of bad memories, progress can be swift.

And finally be aware on what I will not be doing 

  • No endless talking about your problems
  • No long lists of “health tips” or statements of the “bleeding obvious” that leave you feeling helpless
  • No impossibly difficult advice – such as to meditate or join a gym
  • No focus on those repeating thoughts that you don’t need to be reminded are crazy and foolish.

I rest my case.