Understand and take the right Action with my Audio Breakthrough Programmes

We are bodies and not just minds and so to be healthy we must be taking action – using both in the service of a life that works. Who could argue with that?

But it is more than this as the distinction between our bodies and our mind is not very helpful as they both combine and connect and create in ways we are only now beginning to understand.

But the bottom line is clear – we need to be doing things and not just contemplating or standing by or wasting away.

Now, I am a therapist trained in the Human Givens.  And there is much on this site to expand on the key ideas. You can begin here

Human Givens shows that emotional and mental health requires the right kind of action and activity in the service of a life that is working for us.  That we have resources (our thinking brain, our imagination and yes our habits and others also) and we use these resources to get our physical and emotional needs met.  And it is absolutely essential that these needs are well met because as living creatures, we require nutrition – physical and emotional. So we not only require food and shelter to live well, but also satisfying work, close human connections and feel safe and to have a degree of control.

These are profound ideas and they make so much sense to all who come across them.

So what are your emotional needs and how well are these needs being met for you right now.  And what are your resource and capacities and how can these be enhanced and improved?  And then you need to get your life working better.

For, as your are more active such that your needs are better met, then self confidence returns and you are embarking on a self feeding virtuous circle.  What could be better than that?

Which is what the Be Remarkable – take Action audio programme is about.

It is about the right understanding, building your strengths, the right rehearsal and the right action.

To summarise:

Hope & Firefighting gets you dreaming well and energised. Trauma Release  and Conscious Relaxation are about calming your emotions – whether you need serious trauma relief or to practice relaxation or both.

Clearing Patterns means you will stay calm and be able to act well.

Action – Be Remarkable– the Human Givens  organising idea made real and practical.

And finally Moving Beyond Addictions