How my Free Consultation works?

“Andrew definitely has a gift, to see to the core of issues and then very quickly put a plan into place in order to resolve them promptly and without the usual reliving of events repeatedly to try and get to the root of them.”

My free Human Givens consultation simplifies your path to overcome depression, anxieties, trauma, angers and addictions

Expert Diagnosis by my 30 minute Human Givens counsultation

After fifteen years of successful private practice, I consider I am an expert in using Human Givens methods and principles – to discover what your core problem is.  What are the questions to ask and how to evaluate the answers? And then what to work on with you.

My 30 minute free Human Givens answers the following:
  • Are you Depressed – which means living in a state of mental and emotional exhaustion?
  • Or are you Anxious – which means enduring an overly sensitive flight or fight response? And if this is so what is driving it – trauma memories, overwhelming life problems, patterns and habits that have been around for too long or an inability to relax well? Or a combination of these factors?
  • Or maybe you have Obsessions and Addictions that have prospered in fertile ground and are taking over your life?
  • Or is it best to avoid a label but to focus directly on my five healing NUDAR fundamentals?
NUDAR stands for Normalising, Utilising, De-traumatising, Activating and Reframing and this is what it means:

NUDAR explained

  • Normalising is about explanations that will make complete sense to you and so take away feelings of helplessness, guilt or shame.
  • Utilising is about understanding your strengths even if these may be hidden or not fully appreciated and using these in the service of healing you.
  • De-traumatising is about the identification of trauma memories and experiences and using the Rewind trance method to remove their power to hurt you.
  • Activating is the right action for you to take – to better get your life working and so getting your essential needs met
  • Reframing is about shifting your understanding and emotional responses so that you are able to live easier.

An Honest Evaluation with my 30 minute Human Givens consultation

The 30 Minute Questionnaire is an important preparation to our One on One consultation – whether Face to Face or with Online. And by the end of this 30 minute consultation, I will be able to answer these two questions for you:

  1. How quickly can you expect to feel better or fully recover?
  2. Are there unresolved questions and uncertainties and how might these be resolved?

Having received your answers to my Questionnaire, I will be able to “put flesh” on these at our 30 minute meeting and you can expand where necessary. I can also elaborate on why I have asked the questions I have and what your answers have revealed.

I also hope to understand something of the life story that you hold and how you make sense of the life you live. And whether you have a good imagination or are more comfortable in your thoughts.

And with our One on One meeting, I will perhaps see something of what cannot be revealed by answering questions online.

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Your Recovery Path with my free 30 minute Human Givens consultation

I am trained in the Human Givens approach which opened me to techniques, methods and insights of many giants in the field of counselling, psychology and hypnotherapy. And these have evolved and developed for me in over ten years of successful private practice.

After our 30 minute free human givens consultation you will understand the outline path for your recovery. Some parts of this will be clear while other parts will remain uncertain. Your feedback will be a vital part of this – so we are both clear in the direction we are travelling as well as understanding the areas of uncertainty that we hope will be cleared up as we proceed.

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How does my free Human Givens consultation work?