The best Anxiety Attack treatment

My anxiety attack treatment begins with the proposition that anxiety is a normal healthy response to living in a world of risk and danger. This requires us to be watchful and to act intelligently in order to avoid or minimise the danger and indeed if we can, we should seek to transform the experience of risk into an opportunity. It is about balance. I think we all know that.  This is because the avoidance of all risk is not just impossible, but that attempts to do so will bring with it, additional dangers.

The problem arises when anxious feelings are strong and frequent and excessive in relation to the actual risk out there such that these induce an anxiety attack.   It’s as if a machine is running at maximum capacity too much of the time that it blows a gasket.

But with anxiety attacks, you are not dying.  Your body can cope even though the signals from your primitive brain are screaming not. I explain the physiology of panic or anxiety attacks here

For the purposes of this post, the best way to understand an anxiety attack is that they reflect an overly sensitised flight or fight response – that the primitive brain is on continuous high alert and so always at risk of going over the edge.

The best anxiety attack treatment

The answer is to appreciate that there are four basic causes for the over sensitised flight and fight response and depending which are the most important, this will determine the best anxiety attack treatment. So is the anxiety attack mainly linked to:

  1. Trauma memories
  2. Patterns and habits that have been around for too long
  3. Overwhelming life problems
  4. An inability to relax well?

Obviously all four are connected and will influence each other. The question is – which of the four is the prime mover and it will be my experience that I hope will find that prime mover.

If the answer is trauma memories then I would use rewind trance method

If patterns and habits, then I explain what needs to be done here

If it is life problems, the need is for me to find some area where movement and change is possible. My take action audio programme will be useful here.

And if you need to learn how to relax, well there is much we can do. See my Relaxation resources page and my Conscious Relaxation audio programme