Can counselling help depression?

The answer to the question – can counselling help depression is a simple one – and whether it inspires you or lowers you will depend on whether what I say really makes sense to you from your own personal experience of depression and then of course whether you can easily find a good Human Givens practitioner.

And this is the answer – yes counselling can play a massive part in your recovery from depression but most counselling available will not help and may indeed make your depression worse. You need to find a Human Givens counsellor – as they will know what to do and exactly what you need.

Conventional Counselling for Depression will not help you and may make you feel worse

To understand why this is the case, you have to know what causes depression in the first place. And you can read about what is a depression in a number of places on this website – such as here.  At its core it is very simple – depression is the exhaustion from worrying and ruminating uselessly which never resolves anything and which then leads to even more worrying and increasing amounts of exhausting dreaming as your body attempts to deal with the situation. I call it the depression vicious cycle. Matthew explains it all powerfully from his personal experience.

You are worrying incessantly and despite all your efforts you cannot get to any resolution. The real reason for this is that as your exhaustion grows your capacity to worry well with a good focus on actions you can take erodes away and in fact your worrying becomes useless and unproductive. Yes, there may well be real questions to be dealt with but you have become too exhausted to deal with them.

So the trap has been set. If only you could talk to someone about your problems, you would get resolution. I know what I will do, you say to yourself – I will go to see a counsellor who will listen to my problems and give me the clarity I am desperate for.


In your exhausted state a continual focus on what is wrong and what your problems are will just make you feel even worse. And that is the why there is the evidence to show that conventional counselling does not help, particularly long-term psychodynamic counselling. In fact this can be absolutely toxic and if you are depressed I urge to keep well away. And if you are undertaking counselling and it is not helping, you will now know why and that you stop right now.

Human Givens counselling will help you quickly

There is so much on this website that will answer this question for you – go here and here

The basic point is simply stated – delay worrying about your problems until your head has cleared, your exhaustion has reduced and you are sleeping and dreaming better.

And this is what I will be focusing on if you come to see me.