Depression therapist near me

Given the wonders of Skype we can all have an excellent depression therapist near me. My previous post warned of the severe dangers posed by conventional talking therapies for depression as they fell into the trap of believing that the answer to exhausting and pointless rumination is to talk through the problems and issues with a professional counsellor. In fact this is the last thing that you should do if you were depressed as the consequence would be to find new things to worry about. Instead the priority should be to be to rest your mind and only then begin to focus on what needed to be done.

And so how would I work with you in order to calm your restless mind – as your effective and proven depression therapist near me?

First, I would explain very clearly why you are feeling as you do and you would listen to audios in order to embed and reinforce these profound truths – until you really got it.

Second, we would undertake a needs audit of your life and this would shift your orientation to what you can do rather than what is too difficult to do. Imagine how good that would be to calm you?

And third, I would teach you how to relax and how to distract yourself – both of which would be great for you. The most important change you would probably notice is that you were beginning to sleep better and waking up with more energy. And so you would begin to embark on a virtuous circle of doing more and worrying less.

The fourth part of my work with you will be to identify any trauma memories and unhelpful habits and patterns you have – and this can be done either face to face or over Skype. And then these traumas and patterns can be cleared with trance methods – again either face to face or with Skype or using my Trauma Release or Clearing Patterns audio programmes.

Are you beginning to get it? A depression therapist near me is on your doorstep.