What is your stress and anxiety relief saying and are you going to listen?

First here is the good news. This post on the subject of stress and anxiety relief will not contain a long list of tips to follow.  There will be no mention of the importance of exercise or yoga or proper breathing, or of the proven benefits of meditation and mindfulness, or the contribution that good nutrition or certain supplements can play or anything like that.

My hope is that this will be a significant relief even before we begin. You have probably tried and failed to comply with these lists on many occasions. And the fact that you failed to keep to the list or even worse that you managed to make a reasonably good attempt at complying with the list but are still stressed and anxious – well what did that do for your stress levels?

In this post, I will be going back to one fundamental truth.

Your stress is telling you something and what might that be?

It could be saying that your life is not working properly and you need to do something differently. Your stress could be your best friend and the fact that you are ignoring it means that it needs to shout even louder. We know that we have essential human needs around safety and control and relationships work and meaning. What has changed in your life such that stress and anxiety is now more insistent than ever?

And only when you are sure that the stress communication is not something you must respond to, do you ask yourself whether it reflects an over active flight or fight response. You need to see if you can link these strong stress and anxiety feelings today to memories from the past. And are these feelings are flaring up now because what is happening in your life now is a crude reminder to your primitive brain of that past memory.  If that is the case then there is some threshold trauma and that has to be dealt with. Perhaps my Trauma Release audio programme  is the answer for you?  Or you need to contact me.

OK here is one tip for stress and anxiety relief – just one

Are you ready – it is this. You should practice relaxation. Because the more relaxed you are more of the time, then your stress levels will not rise into the red zone but remain at amber – so they are manageable and you can hear what they are saying.

And how do you practice being relaxed? Well my Conscious Relaxation audio programme might help but so also could much else – exercise, active engagement and busyness, time with friends, being creative and curious. See what works?