Weight Loss

Weight Loss – begin to change today

Weight loss has become a factor in many of our lives – from simply wishing to lose a few pounds … and all the way up to a chronic and unfulfilled desire for major change to body shape and image.  And through this, there is implied a major change to our lifestyle habits around eating and exercise particularly (though it is often much more than this).

Motivations for weight loss are similarly varied – from a modest level of vanity and desire for self esteem and control – that goes all the way up to the desperate desire for major and vital life changes and the avoidance of catastrophe.

The key point is that we all must eat and we will do so every day. And that we can therefore have either a healthy relationship with food – that keeps us physically healthy and which fits well into the other elements of the life we live or aspire to live.  Or alternatively we find that our relationship to food has a degree of ill health and dysfunction attached to it – while periodic efforts to diet fail and add to a sense of frustration, guilt and helplessness.

There are two approaches I will use to set you on the right path – to weight loss and emotional control.

The first is to understand and identify the source of the patterns and habits that brought you to where you are now.

The second is by the use of targeted trance work (hypnotherapy).  This will be used to build motivation, to rehearse beneficial change and if required to clear away bad emotional patterning that have long outlived their use.

Weight Loss – Human Givens and holistic emotional health

An essential starting point is to discover how well your life is working now.  For if part of your life is not working well – meaning that essential emotional needs are not being well met, then the anxiety and stress that this will be causing will be impacting on your capacity to achieve the life changes you need, in order to lose weight. Further, there will probably be a feedback loop going the other way – from frustration and a loss of self confidence around excess weight – to not getting essential needs met.

So we will conduct a Needs audit early on. And following on from that, if indeed there are needs not being well met, then we will see how this lack is manifesting – in symptoms of Depression, or Anxieties or whether Addictive behaviours (such as over eating of course) is the primary manifestation.

Healing emotional resources is the other essential part of Human Givens and how I will work with you to quickly restore a better relationship to food and eating. This goes to the heart of how I operate and if you are curious then go to Skilful Counselling.

Weight Loss – using hypnotherapy as a vital tool

By targeting the unconscious mind in a trance state it is possible to shift motivation in relation to food and eating (both positive and negative), to rebalance other aspects of your life so that your relationship to food is recast and altogether healthier. At all times my motivation will be holistic – such that your general level of emotional wellbeing is supported according to Human Givens principles and practicalities – around being in control and living a life of balance.   And please go to the Trance page for more on the principles of hypnotherapy

Preparing for Weight Loss hypnotherapy

  • Finding the pivot points that have set your relationship to food, eating and body image – and which needs to be changed.  Was there a key memory that may go back to your childhood or can it better be described as a process and journey that has moved you periodically or continuously off track? Are there images and metaphors which you have that resonate?
  • How can we make best use of powerful motivation emotions and imaginings? Is it through the Green door towards a better future or through the Red door that leads to pain and suffering? Or is it a combination of the two? And how much detail can we see behind these doors? Often the motivation work can have many time frames (for example in the immediate or longer-term futures).
  • Your self confidence will be vulnerable given your failure to achieve the weight and lifestyle you desire and this will be distorting your focus and attention – to what is wrong and missing. A critical element of weight loss trance work will be a refocusing towards your strengths, successes and achievements.
  • Our lives are dynamic and changing and so we live with a multitude of virtuous and vicious circles – that is leading us away from or toward what is good for us.  We will investigate how we can harness this – so that the better you eat and exercise, the more you will see yourself doing.
  • A key part of this harnessing will be to reinforce the Human Givens explanation of addiction – namely the chemical dopamine pathways that delude and overwhelm, but which can be weakened.
  • We will identify the triggers that link you to eating and lifestyle patterns and trance states that need to change. These could arise from your day to day life, identified by keeping a food diary as well as from your values, hidden and false assumptions and automatic behavours.
  • Finally we may spend time recasting your attitudes to food – with regard to portions, frequency of eating and learning to be mindfully eating, feeling fuller after eating or recasting food and exercise habits simultaneously.

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