Panic Attacks

An anxiety will manifest as panic attacks or an anxiety attack when the body is preparing to fight or to flee but nothing comes of it – i.e. there is no action that discharges the preparation. And then the body in effect goes into a panic mode which causes great discomfort and fear. [Continue reading]

Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Worrying creates stress, and stress is a health risk as blood pressure may rise, causing sleepless nights and affects on digestion, immunity – even your sex life. But worry isn’t all bad – the ability to be aware of possible dangers and prepare for them has been a crucial factor in the development and survival of mankind. [Continue reading]

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety are the intense emotions around social situations of all kinds. These clearly include fearful anticipation. However, embarrassment and humiliation fears are at the heart of the anxiety, together with the attendant physical manifestations. These include sweating, blushing and stammering and classic panic attack symptoms which add to the self consciousness around social situations in general or just specific ones. [Continue reading]