Andrew M Richardson

I am very proud to offer these six Self Help Audio Programmes. Each recreates the methods of my proven face to face therapy.

Breakthrough Audio Programmes

Just click on the coloured buttons to get full information and access – for streaming or download. Each Programme is £29.

These Breakthrough Audio programmes are part of a unique and flexible Personalised Service to recover from depression, anxieties and trauma and addictions

Each programme comprises audios that are complete and self standing on their own.  But even better the individual programmes taken together offer something special – no less than a complete set for sustainable mental and emotional healing and health.

And there is more. While many find they do get great benefit by listening to one or more of these programmes on their own, some also find that these programmes are a fantastic complement to conversations and one on one therapy with me.

These programmes can be part of a great partnership – between you and me.

Why Audios

Audios are a much better healing tool than either books or videos. This is because it will be your unconscious responses that will be the key – for understanding, learning and rehearsal.

And because my great success as a therapist has been achieved with one tool above all others – my voice.  The words I use and their delivery reflects my considerable experience, my Human Givens training, a lot of thought and trial and error and a curious and open mind.

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