Breakthrough Self Help Audio Programmes

Andrew M Richardson

I am very proud to offer these six Self Help Audio Programmes. Each recreates the methods of my proven face to face therapy.


Just click on the coloured buttons to get full information and access – for streaming or download.  Each Programme is £29.

Hope and Firefighting

  Trauma Release

Conscious Relaxation

Clearing Patterns

Be Remarkable

Moving Beyond Addiction

These Breakthrough Audio programmes are part of a unique and flexible Personalised Service to recover from depression, anxieties and trauma and addictions

Each programme comprises audios that are complete and self standing on their own.  But even better the individual programmes taken together offer something special – no less than a complete set for sustainable mental and emotional healing and health.

And there is more. While many find they do get great benefit by listening to one or more of these programmes on their own, some also find that these programmes are a fantastic complement to conversations and one on one therapy with me.

These programmes can be part of a great partnership – between you and me. So do contact me – either before or after listening to any or all of my self help audio programmes.

Enjoy this short best bits compilation audio

Download My Compilation Audio

Why Audios

Audios are a much better healing tool than either books or videos. This is because it will be your unconscious responses that will be the key – for understanding, learning and rehearsal.

And because my great success as a therapist has been achieved with one tool above all others – my voice.  The words I use and their delivery reflects my considerable experience, my Human Givens training, a lot of thought and trial and error and a curious and open mind.

What people are saying

It’s a great programme and really impressive that you’ve pulled this off and pulled it all together!  Your voice is great, your use of language very inspiring and your metaphors always interesting and thought-provoking.  I’m sure that participants would find this programme accessible and flexible enough to deal with the various issues that they may have.  Jo Ham, Human Givens Practitioner

You have done a great job in creating this programme for depression and trauma.  Your experience and caring really come across and your voice is very restful and reassuring.  You manage to demystify the whole experience of depression and create a feeling of hope.  You also make it seem as if all the terrible symptoms of depression and trauma are really very normal.  Carole Nyman, Human Givens Practitioner

Congratulations on developing this course of treatment. This is a well-executed and inspiring series. Your voice and delivery are perfectly suited and really conducive to the process of healing. The site you have created is also informative, clear and well-organized.  John Folk-Williams

I find your first two Hope & Firefighting audios wonderful. And the sheer, beautiful simplicity of the over dreaming and exhaustion explanation is amazing. It makes so much sense.  Vicki New Zealand

Your compassionate voice definitely adds value.  I love the whole arrangement…the great subtleness and the flow of eloquence of your words is very reassuring. Sophia Romford

I found it really helpful.  I was quite phobic about speaking on the phone and after using your course, for just a couple of weeks, I have got a job in marketing which involved cold calling! That result speaks for itself, doesn’t it? Frances South London

Your programme gave me hope and helped me in my way back memory to the recovery. It is well designed and is based on human and emotions rather than medicine and chemicals. I would go through it again if needed and would recommend it to everyone who is lost in darkness.  There is hope and this program helps to regain that hope. Farhad Sweden