When is talking about your problems the last thing you should do?

In my experience as a healer of depression, pretty well everyone I see has a head full up to overflowing and talking seems to be the answer.   There are negative and fearful projections of what might happen and fixations, regrets or angers around past events that they believe went terribly wrong. The same things just keep going round and round. It that state, they should not be talking about it before they are feeling better. [Continue reading]

The Depression Pessimists are wrong – you can recover from depression surprisingly quickly, as Isobel discovered

When you are stuck in the middle of a depression, it is hard to appreciate how quickly you can feel better – and that the depression pessimists must be right. My experience as a therapist is that improvement will typically be noticed within a week and most of my depressed clients will have fully recovered within a few weeks after that. [Continue reading]