Counselling Services near me

I have been working hard to create my offer for free 30 minute Counselling Services near me. I want it to be right, not only for those living in Woodford Green or throughout East London and West Essex but worldwide – that it really will be the very best “counselling services near me.”

Below is my checklist for my counselling services near me, followed by the four absolute no no’s of the  service and then the pain points that I believe will be your priority.

Checklist – what is the best that counselling services near me should offer:

  • First the service should make a difference quickly and reliably.
  • Next it must offer something more than the standard “I am here to listen so tell me how you feel” counselling approach.
  • It has to deal with your emotional problems in a language you can understand.
  • And finally the service must not take too long or cost too much.

The four No’s of my Counselling Services near me

  1. No endless talking about your past and your problems.
  2. No lists of obvious health do’s (eg eat better, exercise more, stop smoking or drinking etc) that you don’t need to hear yet again.
  3. No impossibly difficult and fashionable advice – such as to learn to meditate or join a gym or write a book – you know the kind of advice that instantly lowers you.
  4. No focus on your repeating thoughts (I am useless, ugly, unlovable etc.) that you don’t need to be reminded are crazy and foolish.

The Pain Points that you are desperate to be cleared away?

  • Exhaustion, both mental and emotional – which leads to Depression
  • Feeling out of control and so Panicking and in Dread – which is where Anxieties come from
  • Shame and Frustration from repeating the same mistakes again and again
  • Being Stuck – unable to move on from powerful memories and experiences or life situations that are not working.
  • Trapped in Addictions and the hopelessness and humiliation that arises

How many of these pain points make sense to you from your own painful experience?  It could be more than just one pain point and my guess is that they tend to feed on each other and create even more problems.

If all this makes sense to you, then this is what you need to do.

Complete my questionnaire here. This will give me many of the answers I need and you will also get something of value

And then we can arrange to meet – face to face if you live locally or with Skype if you are further away.

What to do Next

Book for your free 30 minute consultation. Find out more here Or contact me to find out how I can help you or arrange an appointment. My contact details are in the grey footer below and on the Contact page.