Depression Help Online

If you are enduring a serious depression and need effective and proven help now, I offer proven Human Givens depression help online. And I have found over many years that this depression help online is as effective as my face-to-face work.

The world is living through a depression epidemic and despite all that is written about depression, there seems very little that standard treatments can do to control and eliminate it.  And it seems doubly unfair if you are depressed but happen not to live in the UK, as you cannot have access to Human Givens therapists. But don’t despair because effective depression help online is available.

I am an accredited and experienced Human Givens therapist and Human Givens can treat most depressions more quickly and effectively than pretty well any other treatment available (and this includes medication and the standard therapeutic treatment of CBT). And I can prove it – go here to read the original research article.

And here is hard evidence of my own therapy success – approaching 87%

There is so much on this website which explains the HG understanding and approach to depression and how I have successfully adapted these ideas.  Read what some of my recovered clients have said in their depression testimonials here. And read some of my case studies here.

And if you are interested in the detail of how and why the HG approach works so well then go here here and here.


The simple Human Givens explanation of depression signs and symptoms

  • Depression is the mental and physical exhaustion caused by the body’s need to dream more than it is capable of, in order to deal with a situation that appears increasingly impossible.
  • And why is there the need to engage in high energy dreaming? It is the attempt to clear the excessive levels of arousal, worrying and exhaustion which caused the problems in the first place.
  • And so we have a self feeding vicious circle where signs and symptoms of depression multiply.

 A critical part of my depression help online is audios that you can listen to in your own time. These will powerfully embed all you need to know of the causes of your depression. And as you begin to understand you will be hopeful perhaps for the first time.

I will ask you to be patient and wait until you are feeling better before we deal with the life problems that you are obsessing over and which probably pushed you into depression in the first place and which you can’t deal with right now. This is so important. We have to get your mind better and ready before we can deal with your life problems.

And it could well be that when you go back to the initial event pushing you into your depression, perhaps many years ago there will be memories around loss or chaos or fear that are traumatic memories that we must relieve early on. Again this can be done online using the Rewind trance method.

Don’t delay. Contact me now. Let’s see what we can do to liberate you from your awful depression.


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