Try my FREE 30 minute Counselling Offer

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To actually pick up the phone to speak to me or to arrange a first appointment can be a big thing. So if you are still not certain then my Free Consultation offer might be just what you need. I help most of my clients quickly and I want to do that for you too.

Getting to the Heart of it

I have a QUESTIONNAIRE that can be completed ahead of our first session. You can do that now

Of course it is not compulsory and maybe you just want to see me to find out more. BUT the questionnaire does get to the heart of it for nearly all of the new clients I see.   This effective process takes less than 5 minutes to complete and will begin your journey to speedy recovery

We will simplify your path to overcome depression, anxieties, trauma, angers and addictions and get you on the fast track road to recovery, with

Expert Diagnosis

An Honest Evaluation

A Recovery Path

And then: the choice is yours – to think about what we have discovered or to carry on there and then with the rest of the first session

Complete the questionnaire online here

Learn more of my Free Offer – how it will work and why

OR Email me to and lets arrange our 30 minute free consultation.

Free Consultation from the comfort of your home

No need to travel.  My consultation can be done on Skype or Zoom without leaving the comfort of your own home or office.  Of course you are welcome to attend my practice here at Woodford Green.

No obligation whatsoever

I’m offering this free consultation to help more people.  If after our meeting you don’t want to progress any further, then there is no obligation. All I ask is you do turn up at our agreed time.