The Maintenance Service

I work quickly to help you and you can expect to be feeling significantly better within a handful of sessions. But it is vital that you maintain this improvement, you don’t slip back and indeed continue to progress towards the life that you desire and hence maintenance is important for you.  You’re not on your own.

My maintenance service will provide you with the continual support you need to deal with day to day problems and issues that arise and to build resources and empowerment without the pressure for quick results.

Let me Help You

    The three elements of my maintenance service are:

    • Reassurance – knowing that I am here to help you and ensure that there will be no relapse or significant deterioration.
    • Dealing with day-to-day Life issues – to work on these at a gentler pace.
    • Life coaching – to achieve life and work goals, to learn lessons and practice enhanced wellbeing.

    An important part of this maintenance service will be tailor-made audios for you to listen to regularly and guided help through my Breakthrough Audio programmes, as required.

    My suggestion is monthly meetings for the maintenance service for 6 to 12 months, either face-to-face or over Skype. And these will be charged at a discount to my normal fee.

    What to do Next

    Book for your free 30 minute consultation. Find out more here Or contact me to find out how I can help you or arrange an appointment. My contact details are in the grey footer below and on the Contact page.