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My experience is that long distance online counselling is not only possible but can be as effective as being in the same room

skype-logo-open-graphHuman Givens therapy can be conducted as online counselling and defintely does not need to be limited to those living in the UK or close to a Human Givens therapist.  For example, in the past year or so I have seen clients from the United States of America, Central America, and Canada, in Europe, the Far East and South Africa – as well through the length and breadth of the UK.

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    My experience with Skype online counselling

    Online Counselling has not been thought to be possible by traditional counselling – only face to face over many sessions. For much is made of the subtle and mysterious nature of the therapeutic relationship in traditional counsellors.

    But it need not be that way and it is not how I work.

    Good rapport is essential of course but this can be established across thousands of miles of internet connection.

    And there is so much that can be achieved together that is not dependant on close physical proximity.

    • Evidence of progress can still be logged at each session
    • A needs evaluation can be evaluated in order to set goals, despite a great physical distance.
    • My MP3s can be downloaded and listened to as appropriate.
    • The essentials of Skillful Counselling is also quite possible online.
    • Finally and to my surprise, trance work and de-traumatisation using REWIND is quite possible through Skype.

    Client experiences of successful Online Counselling using Skype

    When I decided to learn more about the Human Givens approach from the US, Andrew was available via Skype. I had heard about Human Givens approach and was curious to try it. I live in Mexico so I start looking for someone who was willing to give me therapy by SKYPE. After a few months of unsuccessful fertility treatment I started feeling exhausted, could not sleep at night and felt uneasy all the time. I was lucky enough to find Andrew, who helped in only 2 sessions to feel relaxed, happy and optimistic. We did relaxation and trance by SKYPE also and Andrew could clear all kinds of worries that I had – mainly to do with my work which he found had developed from my past. I am a psychologist who had tried many different types of therapies both for me and my patients and I never experience something so effective and fast! Thanks Andrew for your generosity. – Claudia from Chihuahua, Mexico

    Andrew was able to effectively apply the Human Givens approach to my questions about losing a parent, the challenges of being a parent, and growing a professional practice. In a remarkably few sessions, the insights and techniques I gained in consulting Andrew provided me with the lasting benefits of improved sleep, stress reduction, and work/life balance. Andrew used the rewind technique to resolve painful emotions related to a childhood experience. The inevitable challenges and dilemmas of daily life still arise, time often feels short, but I simply feel better able to find the resources to meet the needs of the moment. Andrew showed me where to look to find the resources I already possessed and the means to repeat the process when needed. – Ross, New York, USA.

    Recently I found myself to be completely overwhelmed by life. I was worrying constantly, but I was unable to take any action to deal with what I was worrying about. I felt bad most of the time. I was drinking quite heavily. I blamed my problems on a decision I had made a few years before that had caused my life to change from being easy, with few demands placed on me, to being difficult and stressful.

    I had the good luck of coming across  a webinar by the Human Givens College on the link between dreaming and depression. The ‘cycle of depression’ that it described seemed to describe exactly what I was going through. I contacted the Human Givens College to find out what they recommended for people who were in need of therapy but didn’t have access to a Human Givens therapist. They replied that the therapy could be done over Skype and gave me Andrew’s contact information.

    I did three sessions of therapy with Andrew. In the first session I discovered that much of my emotional behaviour was being limited by an experience I had when I was 10 years old. I was guided me through a visualization of that experience in a way that somehow freed me from it. Following the session there was a noticeable change in my behaviour. I felt like an adult for the first time in my life.

    The second session mostly involved me saying how great I felt. It seemed to me that I was healed and now ready to get on with life. Following this session, I experienced some further difficulty in my life and began to feel very stuck. I realized that I was being held back by a life-long pattern of extreme shyness. Reading through Andrew’s blog I came across a post on ‘Molar Memories’. The understanding that I took from that post was that my shyness began with an event in my early childhood, where a reaction of extreme shyness and helplessness was rewarded with the experience of receiving complete maternal affection.

    I contacted Andrew with this information. We did a third session where he helped me to separate my childish self from my adult self. I don’t understand quite how it worked, but the result has been that I am no longer controlled by shyness.

    As a result of three sessions of therapy, done over Skype, my self-assessment is that I now have the freedom to respond to difficult situations as an adult. I am no longer compelled to retreat into shyness and helplessness. The circumstances of my life are still somewhat difficult, but I feel confident that I have the ability to deal with them. My default state is happiness and contentment. Something that started out quite horribly has turned into one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. – Oscar, Hamburg  Germany

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