Panic Attack Treatment

If you are experiencing regular panic attacks then the attraction of a panic attack treatment that will clear the problem for good could appear too good to be true. And what if you can do most if not all of it yourself? How amazing would that be? Well read on because this is exactly what I am suggesting – self help panic attack treatment.

The first step is to appreciate just how panic attacks can infiltrate everything (like damp in a house with no damp course) and create havoc. It is because the experiences of panic attacks can be like having a heart attack – truly terrifying.   And so you just feel helpless and though you may be dimly aware that this will simply raise panic levels, you can do nothing about it. Truly you are on a wild roller coaster ride that will feed your fear and lead you to disaster.

Your whole life then becomes defensive and avoidant. You will do anything not to face the panic experience. And what this will do is to increase anxiety and fear and the risk of further panic – a Catch 22 situation. What might you be doing as you strive to avoid situations that could lead to a panic attack? Are you keeping away from public transport or motorway driving? Are you avoiding shopping centre’s or have you signed yourself off from work? Of course by doing this you are raising your underlying levels of stress as you less able to live a full and balanced life.

If you go to this panic attack page of my website  you can read up on the physiology of panic attacks – how a panic attack is not in any way life threatening but is simply over breathing that fails to sort out an imbalance between carbon dioxide and oxygen molecules – which makes the situation worse. That page and its sister, Anxiety Tools page  is also well worth reading – for help with dealing with panic attacks when they happen and how to get your head straighter about what is going on, but that is not the same thing as a panic attack treatment.

This is what you must do for effective self help panic attack treatment

FIRST: This is the key insight that you will need to appreciate, in order to really understand what is happening to you, in all likelihood. You must detraumatise the memory or memories of those first awful panic attacks.

We are talking of your perfectly natural flight or fight response – which is being triggered by the powerful negative memory of your first panic attack. We have said previously that a panic attack is like having a heart attack. Well how scary is that? The memory of that experience could well sat lodged in your primitive reptilian brain, simply because it was so scary – in order that you are protected if anything similar happens again.

I see the flight fight response of your primitive reptilian brain like a pretty thick security guard. He just has one red alert dial on his desk and if he feels for any reason that there could be a threat out there he presses the dial. This will immediately induce a flight or fight response, which in turn can trigger a panic attack. And what might make him think that he has no alternative but to hit the dial. It is any reminders at all (and remember he is pretty thick and he is incapable of differentiating between genuine threats and ones that vaguely remind him that there might be a problem out there. He is also aware of how you are feeling. And any rise in your levels of anxiety could easily be the trigger the red button alert – and so in effect bring on exactly what he would want to avoid.

Does this make sense? That you are operating, albeit unconsciously, a self feeding mechanism that leads to the very disaster that you wish to avoid. What is obviously needed is that this old memory located in your primitive brain is removed. And that is what de-traumatising means.

And luckily this can be done. Go here to find out how.

So do this exercise. Go back to these past panic attack memories now. Are they still powerful and so create anxiety feelings inside you whenever you think about them? If the answer is yes, then you must take away that powerful emotional memory. It is lodged in your primitive brain and as long as it is there, then panic attacks and fears of panic attacks and hypersensitivity to panic attacks will remain a permanent feature of your life.

SECOND You must spend more of your life in a more relaxed state – learning how to do that and practicing it. For if you do that then you will be greatly reducing your susceptibility to panic and building up your confidence to withstand it. Look at different relaxation methods and find the ones that suit you, these could include, meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, and much more.

For much more on relaxation techniques then go to my free resource for more information.

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 If you can remove the trauma memory of that first panic attack and then prepare your mind/body by being calmer – you will have your very own panic attack treatment. I promise you – you really will.

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