Three Services

It is often a very big step to ask for help – especially if the offer being made (by me) seems so comprehensive and optimistic. But not everyone is looking for rapid help from their mental distress or believes it is possible. And you may be naturally cautious and need to feel your way.

That is why I have evolved three separate services, to reflect the requirements of those who contact me. The first is this standard service (I have called it URGENT). And then there is an open ended flexible service that will last as long as is necessary (SUPPORT). Finally I have a high performance offering (MENTORING) that has again evolved to meet a clear need.

The URGENT Service

For Healing and Mending

Proven to help most of you and quickly too – for depression, anxieties and addictions of all kinds as well as angers, sleep and relationship problems.

We can normally make an appointment within a week and I will only charge for that appointment if it was of value and you wish to continue. Typically, only a handful of sessions are needed and the “success rate” is approaching 90%. But some of my clients will want a longer term more open ended support.

The SUPPORT Service

For Safely maintaining and Recovering

Open hands making a protection gestureContinual support to deal with day to day problems and issues that arise and top build resources and empowerment without the pressure for quick results.

Through the first sessions it will become clear that a longer-term and open ended therapy relationship is needed. Ongoing life issues are arising and we both wish to work at a gentler pace. My approach is to be sensitive to what my client is wanting. And this naturally arises – both with regard to the issues and frequency of sessions. My client will also know when the therapy can safely be brought to an end.


For High Level Performance

I canLife coaching to achieve goals and lessons and training to enhance wellbeing.

What is needed is to marry the principles of human givens but to shift the focus to the achievement of specific goals. Both trance work and a profound diagnosis of your life right now are required. For more background do enjoy the Big Idea page.

What to do Next

Book for your free 30 minute consultation. Find out more here Or contact me to find out how I can help you or arrange an appointment. My contact details are in the grey footer below and on the Contact page.