Understanding Addiction: how they work

understanding addiction

Addictions can be destroyers of lives by striking at the heart of self confidence and affecting your capacity to live a life that works. So why does your addiction strike so hard and why is your willpower so weak. And how do you move on to a better life?

Substance Abuse

substance abuse

Drug addiction is what most of us think of when we think of addiction. And this is understandable because there is a physical dimension – the addiction is not just psychological but has physical effects.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

obsessive compulsive disorder

OCD, Obsessive and Eating disorders begin as an addiction like response to a life where needs are not being met and in all likelihood also, there is trauma and extreme anxieties that cannot be controlled.

Binge Activities


Bingeing is typically understood in terms of either alcohol or eating. In fact there are differences between the two. For binge drinking, the setting is typically in public and so there is a social dimension. Eating disorders by contrast are normally a solitary pursuit. And while eating disorders can be hidden from public scrutiny (for a time at least), binge drinking is often fuelled by social anxieties.

Weight Loss

weight loss

Weight loss has become a factor in many of our lives – from simply wishing to lose a few pounds … and all the way up to a chronic and unfulfilled desire for major change to body shape and image.

Smoking Cessation

smoking cessation

Although the physical addictive impact of nicotine is pretty high, smoking cessation can normally be achieved quite quickly using hypnotherapy.



We all have compulsions – which are patterns and habits and moods and motivations, which when we think about them, don’t make much sense. For some. they can take over and destroy lives. So what can be done?