Story: Lost


This is an ANXIETY story – that imagination can escalate your fears.

Story: The King’s Daughter

king's daughter

The story of the king’s daughter is designed to give you the confidence to accept how you believe you look and to put your best foot forward.

Story: Three Little Pigs

three little pigs

The three pigs story is a great ego booster. You have more resources and support than you might imagine – just like the three little pigs.

Story: Divining Intervention


This divining intervention story is about what we don’t know but what we feel intuitively and which needs to be addressed.

Story: VW Camper Van

VW campervan

This VW Camper Van story shows how there are so many ways out from being inconsolable after having been dumped.

Story: Van Gogh

van gogh

This story of visiting the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam changed Graham’s perspective.