Story: The Spider


The Spider is a confidence story – discovering self belief and letting go of limiting fears.

Story: The Tree

the tree

The Tree is a confident in adversity story – using resources to overcome difficulties.

Story: Gifts

story gifts

Gifts is a depression story about bereavement and moving on.

Story: The Stranger

the stranger

The Stranger is a teaching story – trust your intuition and know that some will take advantage. Those who are the grandest and the noisiest and seem to be most impressive have a long way to fall.

Story: The Long Flight

the long flight

The Long Flight is a REFRAMING story – what appears clever isn’t always so and the nature of leadership, inspiration, compassion and much more.

Story: Taming the Dog

taming the dog

Taming the Dog is an ANXIETY story – you can train your reactions to be calmer over time and so control those worries.

Story: Phoebe


Phoebe is a teaching story – learning how to let go of a relationship which develops in unexpected and damaging ways.

Story: Lost


This is an ANXIETY story – that imagination can escalate your fears.

Story: The King’s Daughter

king's daughter

The story of the king’s daughter is designed to give you the confidence to accept how you believe you look and to put your best foot forward.

Story: Three Little Pigs

three little pigs

The three pigs story is a great ego booster. You have more resources and support than you might imagine – just like the three little pigs.