Needs Pagoda

needs pagoda

The Human Givens nine needs formulation can be developed further. The idea that all of these needs are equally important and equivalent in some sense and that they can be thought of as largely separate and distinct does not really stand up.

Human Givens Online

human givens online

Human Givens online is proven effective – for debilitating Depression, Anxieties of all kinds and destructive Addictions.

Why is a Human Givens therapist so special?

human givens special

Human Givens makes so much sense, that when you understand the basics of it, it is hard to imagine why everybody does not see things that way. And you can certainly understand why a Human Givens counsellor is so effective.

Human Givens: the new Therapy on the block

human givens therapy

Human Givens Counsellors understand the essential role of dreaming, that habits create patterns which if inappropriate, influence our emotions such that these can overwhelm desirable thinking and actions. They strive to make effective use of a range of tools and methods to help clients shift unhelpful patterns and empower them.

Your essential Human Givens Needs

Our essential human givens needs

Goal setting for now, rather than sorting out the past in your head is probably more important. This is because the life you lead now is actually what counts.

Human Givens Resources

human givens resources

Having reviewed how well you are now getting your essential human needs met, the next step is to review your resources and capacities – that are guiding you (or not) to getting these needs better met.