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Human Givens will clear your headspace and shift your focus

Human Givens is proven more effective and faster than conventional counselling and the NHS

We will restore hope… Slow down your out of control mind… And get your life back on track.

Human Givens is UK based, dates from the late 1990s, is recognised by the NHS and already has a track record to be proud of.

On average we see clients for just four sessions each. So I am cost-effective and potentially transformative.

Human Givens therapists lift most depression within a month or so – yes really!

Depressed people are not coping – tired all the time, their head not working properly and full of ruminations and worries. Is that you?

Human givens will help you by explanations that may be completely new to you but make perfect sense from your own lived experience of depression.

We will analyse your life now, set clear goals and use targeted hypnotherapy and tailor made audios to remove trauma memories and to build up your confidence again.

Human Givens therapists can clear most anxieties regardless of how they are manifesting.

Anxieties take a number of forms – phobias, panic attacks, trauma, social and performance anxieties, generalised anxieties and agoraphobia. But all have common features and require a similar approach for recovery.

So, are you fearful too much of the time, vigilant and watchful and sometimes overwhelmed with panic and dread? Is this stopping you live the life you desperately desire?

Human Givens will clear away your trauma memories, teach you how to relax, help you to rehearse the life changes you need and change your relationship to these anxious feelings – to be comfortable hearing what they are saying.

Human Givens therapists will lead you away from your addiction to a life that works

Are you drowning in addictions and bad habits that are destroying the life you wish and leaving you humiliated and helpless?

We will explain what is happening to you. Why your willpower will never be enough on its own and how the decision pathways of your brain have taken over.

Human Givens understands that you are not looking to recover from your addiction back to how your life was. But instead to move to a better life where you are safe and getting your essential needs properly met. We will gently lead you there – so you can let go of the addiction and take control.

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