Acting with Coronavirus

Human beings have to act well for emotional health – this acting with coronavirus audio will help you do just that.
acting with coronavirus

When you arise in the morning, think of what precious privilege it is to be alive – time to think, to enjoy, to love.”  Marcus Aurelius

In this third of my three Embracing Coronavirus audios – Acting with Coronavirus, my purpose is to help you activate your natural capacity for learning, creating, initiating and so on – to prepare for the persisting age of Corona.



SCRIPT: Acting with Coronavirus

We are suspended in midair, no longer completely self isolating perhaps but still far distant from our previous life, even though it was just a few short months ago and unable to discern within the clouds, the contours of our still unfolding future.  Our life now can seem unreal, almost dream like.  I believe however that we all can comprehend, that more will be required of us and that we will not be returning to the completely familiar. We can all have a deliciously apprehensive sense that in some way the future will be different from the past even though we know not how. We can strive to be sensible and balanced enough not to junk too much of what was good of our past – both individually and collectively. Indeed we may even be more appreciative of what was good before coronavirus. Now there’s a thought!

Let me put an idea to you. That as we remain held in our deliciously apprehensive stasis, the forces that will shape all our futures are speeding up/gathering pace. As we remain held still, a barely comprehensible future is rushing towards us. Indeed can we even see the outline clearly?

We will notice changes that were already underway because they are now accelerating. And our own lives – community, family, work and play must find a way to fit in so we can all do our best to live worthwhile and meaningful lives. And security and safety, especially financial will be up there now.

So before we get personal, let’s think about the politics and economics of the world that’s coming towards us.

What of the incipient and gathering strains in the relationship of the West with China – a new Cold War? And some would say that we in the West are not in that great shape. And in Europe where Brexit (remember that) has taken a backseat, weaknesses have been even more exposed as a raw wound. And can we see powerful industries and activities, decimated – airlines, hotels and tourism, oil dependence, our rural life – what of these?  And how will our governments prosper, as more will be asked yet ever more mired in debt, they will have less. Will there be more or less talk of inequality and injustice, the young versus the old and fracturing community?

So what I am asking you to do now is to just sit back or lie back and you might find it easy and appealing to close your eyes and allow yourself to open to the preparing of the changes and the acting out of what could be actioned out and understood in its acting out right now.

And as you lie back you may notice how easy you are finding it to deepen down, to slow right down, as if you are stepping down a ladder one step at a time – five – four and three going down and all down two and one.

How are you able to feel your power as you deepen down? What have the pleasures been for you in this new lockdown place and how surprising has been the delight – being reminded of times past long past and discovering new adventures that have been long hidden. It could have been like that.

As you deepen down you are opening doors to peaceful power and friendships rediscovered. Can you allow yourself to be excited by the changes that are rushing towards you knowing that always there is change and movement and that fixity and stuckness is a chimera and never stays too long. Change is always with us, is it not? You are truly deliciously apprehensive, yes apprehensive in your deliciousness.

Change is an always moving branch blowing in the wind gently and occasionally with violence – even though at any moment we may be mistaken that the wind has stopped and that the branch will stay still forever. Or we might for a moment believe that the train has terminated still at the station and will never ever travel on again. But no!

And as you embrace the onrush rushing towards you – what have you have learnt in the last few weeks and months and so what might you be able to be doing differently?  And you embrace the change, crouching down as that ever watchful tiger, we know what we have that will help us. Focus on what will help you and this is your springboard.

And we can feel comfortable about this as you relive, reconnect and re-engage with some of the big events in your life past and how well played was the part you played. Yes, you are reliving, reconnecting and re-engaging with big footprints. Or perhaps there is just one big truly momentous time from your life story that is there beckoning before you. It is deliciously apprehensive as your pulse quickens and do you feel that forward direction taking you onward is moving you deliciously.  What might be emerging for you?

The opportunity is at these crossroads for you to take charge of your own ability to do something big. You could be teaching yourself a craft/qualification/body of knowledge, practicing a skill, preparing a dish for the future that it may unfold.

Imagine all those trees that are flourishing close around you – on the street, in the park in the uplands and woodlands. They were planted in the knowledge of a long time future time as they will be enjoyed by as yet unborn generations and children to adults in a time still to be. All are observers of the long time unfolding and I wonder how many have been planted by good souls.

Are you ready to plant a tree? Are you ready to learn the craft? Are you ready to give that gift?

And now as I count back 5  4   3  2  1, come back to waking consciousness.

Do please listen to this again and again as you work hard on yourself and find yourself stronger and positive in your optimism.

Thank you