Depression Questionnaire Online

depression questionnaire online

The depression questionnaire online asks the essential questions for my depression therapy. We will discover if you are tired in the morning, if your mind is out of control and if you are losing confidence. These are the important signs for a human givens based depression online questionnaire.

We will also discover how your life is right now and how well your essential human needs are being met.

I will reply to your completion of the depression questionnaire online within 24 hours. You will then have a clear indication if you are depressed and if you are, whether your depression is mild, moderate or severe.

The depression questionnaire online will also give a clear indication of how quickly you can expect to be feeling significantly better and indeed be fully recovered.

The Questions of the Depression Questionnaire Online

Set One: How you have been over the last week

 1. Are  you mentally and emotionally exhausted?

All depressed people are exhausted, primarily because they are dreaming too much. And this can seep into all aspects of their life.

2. Can you barely drag yourself out of bed in the morning?

The exhaustion reflects too much high energy dreaming and often the early mornings are the worst time of the day, despite having slept for many hours.

3. Have you slept for ages but in the morning you are not refreshed?

Again, is important to ascertain the early mornings, after you awake. This is an indication of over dreaming, as you attempt to clear the previous day’s useless ruminations.

4. Is your self confidence low and is hope disappearing?

As you become exhausted, you can do less and less and this affects your confidence and hope.

5. Do you feel a burden on your family but know you need something they cannot give you?

Over dreaming and exhaustion leads to black-and-white thinking and a typical consequence of falling self-confidence is to retreat from close family.

6. Do you feel trapped in your head – unable to escape thoughts, projections and obsessions that you know are ridiculous?

Rather than acting and doing, you may be retreating into thoughts and obsessions that you cannot escape from. It is as if you are trapped in a burning room and cannot escape.

7. Do you have thoughts that you would be better off dead or hurting yourself in some way?

As hope disappears and you are feeling trapped and lost, desperate escape solutions can become attractive.

8. Do you have unwanted images or memories that are distressing you?

Trauma can play a important contributory role in your developing depression. In one possible trauma is a vivid memory of that first depression.

9. Do you have trouble concentrating or remembering?

Your exhaustion from over dreaming will impact on your mental capacity to remember and concentrate. And this can have a particularly devastating effect on your confidence.

Set Two:  Human Needs evaluation

 1. I felt safe and secure

2. I had a sense of control over day-to-day events

3. I felt able to relax when I felt I needed to

4. I have an interest or pleasure in doing things

5. I felt able to be calm enough when dealing with challenging situations

6. I dealt with my problems effectively

7. I had a sense of closeness and connection to someone

8. I felt valued and respected

9. I felt that I’m achieving something

10. I felt that life was meaningful

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