Anger Case Study


Greg was a New Zealander in his mid 30s

He came to see me because his uncontrollable anger was risking the relationship with the woman who was bearing his child. Greg had endured a very difficult upbringing with addicted parents who ignored him. And he remembers an occasion when as a young boy, he had almost killed his younger brother in a great rage which he could see had really calmed him down at that moment.

Greg had spent a number of years of heavy addiction and generally bumming around but had recovered from this period and was now clean. However there was still a heavy toll – in terms of traumatic events he had had to contend with and a life where his anger outbursts had become an important strategy for him – to keep some kind of control and to assert himself.

Greg saw me over an extended four month period. During that time we cleared the molar memories around the anger outburst when Greg was young and used Rewind to clear memories, particularly from his teenage years. We also worked hard on day to day matters – learning relaxation tools and visualising being calmer and avoiding trigger situations.

Shortly after finishing, Greg and his new family returned to New Zealand.


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