Online Anger Counselling

My online anger counselling is based on my face to face therapy over many years, using the human givens approach. You will find it effective and fast.
online anger counselling

My online anger counselling will be all that you need

Anger is a natural evolved response to threat and danger. However in the world in which we now live, the anger emotional response rarely needs to be displayed in its previous ferocity. Indeed a repeated inappropriate anger response will destroy lives. Is that true for you?  If so, online anger counselling using the human given approach could be all that you need.

Online anger counselling to destroy and control that line in the sand

We all have an anger line in the sand.  This anger line in the sand is the boundary between being in control and acting moderately on the one hand and losing control on the other hand. And when we lose control of our anger, we risk hurting people we would rather not hurt and damaging ourselves.

That is not all. If we lose control of our anger, we will find that whenever authentic anger is needed to deal with threat and danger, we are unable to do so. It will be like that boy who cries wolf too many times.

My online anger counselling therapy will move that line in the sand further away, until for many it will disappear beyond the horizon.

My anger management therapy online will also warn you in good time that you are getting too close to that line in the sand. And when you get too close, then you can remain in control and turn back.


Four stages for effective online anger counselling

Stage One: Finding your anger triggers and clearing them away

Your anger triggers might be a reflection of your problematic life now. Or your anger triggers could be the response to trauma/threshold trauma memories. Or your anger triggers could have their origins from your early childhood.

Whatever they are and wherever they arise, we will find your anger triggers. And then, using online trance and tailor-made audios, we will clear them away.

Stage Two: Getting your life back on track.

Strong emotional reactions such as anger will be fuelled by difficulties in your daily life now. Moreover, these difficulties in your relationships and work may well be exacerbated by your anger. This will be creating a two-way vicious cycle.

We will undertake a needs audit to see where your life is lacking. And then with your anger triggers removed, set goals and problem solve.

How well is your life working?

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Stage Three: Practising relaxation

Relaxation can be practised, like playing the piano or tennis. 

You will have access to my Conscious Relaxation Audio Programme, which you will find is an amazing relaxation tool.

Stage Four: Bringing it all together – Rehearsal

Your anger triggers are clearing. And you are orientating your life towards getting your essential needs met. Finally, you are practising relaxation.  And you are finding your emotions more under control.

You will be finding that the anger line in the sand is becoming ever more distant. It may even be disappearing.

I will also be helping you to identify whenever you’re moving close to that line, so you can stay still and move back.

Rehearsal with trance and tailor-made audios then becomes a vital part of the online anger counselling you need to finally, get your anger under control.

A full range of tools, including trance and audios will be helping you.

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