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Do you feel let down and are you desperate? Are you ready to try something different? My counselling in Cornwall could be just what you need.

Human Givens Counselling Cornwall and Online

Human Givens therapy is based in the UK and dates from around 2000. Already recognised by the NHS, there is hard evidence of its effectiveness.

  • Human Givens know that just talking about problems is rarely enough and often will make the situation worse.
  • Human Givens knows that to challenge unhelpful black-and-white thoughts (I am stupid, nobody loves me, it’s all my fault…) is often too difficult.
  • Human Givens knows that willpower alone is rarely enough.
  • Human Givens knows that our typical mental and emotional problems of depression, anxieties and addictive behaviours of all kinds are not illnesses but the desperate response to lives that are not working.


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How my Counselling will work for you

You will understand why you are feeling and behaving as you are, in a way that will make complete sense. You will realise that you are not going mad. You will find this liberating and then, miraculously hope and energy will be returning.

We will clear your headspace, of terrible memories and destructive habits that are sabotaging your efforts to change. And then, we can shift your attention to your strengths, even if long hidden and to the changes that you can make.

The final stage will be focusing on the action you can take to get your life working better. We will undertake a Human Givens Needs Audit and you will be understanding the profound insights of the Human Given’s Organising Idea

What this Counselling is about
Feeling Better Fast

Hypnotherapy is a vital tool for Cornwall and Online Counselling

You may already have discovered that challenging crazy and dangerous thoughts and talking about your problems, even to a professional listener is not the answer. Why is this? It is that the vital driver of both your emotional and mental health and distress lies in your unconscious. It is in your unconscious where you will find the source of your uncontrollable emotional responses, the bad memories that will not go away and the habits, triggers and thoughts that are not helping.

The language and practice of hypnotherapy is how your unconscious can be accessed. And in skilful hands, hypnotic methods can clear traumatic memories; shift patterns that are not working, open you to beneficial change and calm you.

Want to know more about hypnosis?
Milton Erickson, the founder of modern hypnotherapy

There is mass of material on this Counselling Services website

If you are enduring the exhaustion and hopelessness of Depression, then this is a good place to begin. You can purchase my Overcoming Depression Breakthrough Audio Programme. Or be using it as part of your depression counselling with me.

If you are living with Anxieties of all kinds – phobias, trauma, social, performance, then this is a good place to begin. You can do your own anxiety counselling work with these audio programmes: Trauma Release and Conscious Relaxation. Of course, both will be available as required, as part of your anxiety counselling with me.

If you are overwhelmed with Addictions of all kinds – shameful, substances, behaviour and obsessions – then this is a good place to begin.

Do  look at my Moving Beyond Addictions Audio Programme. You can use this to deal with your addiction on your own or as part of your counselling in Cornwall and online addiction with me.

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