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My Anxiety and Depression Counselling Online builds Hope

You are not going mad and your depression and anxieties are easy to understand. These understanding will be clear in my anxiety and depression online counselling, which is based on the latest psychology and neurobiology. And as you begin to understand, you will become more hopeful. You will see a path forward.

For depression, the critical understanding is to appreciate why you are tired and lacking energy so much of the time. And particularly, why the mornings are so difficult and sleep does not refresh you. Then, as you ruminate less and distract yourself, your sleep improves and your energy returns.

For anxieties, and once trauma memories have been cleared, it is about facing your fears and not running away from them. We will do this in the anxiety counselling online using targeted hypnotherapy.  And then, as these fears lose their power you will gain control and your mind will be calmer.

Anxiety and depression counselling online will remove trauma memories using targeted hypnotherapy.

Difficult and persisting trauma memories are part of all anxiety disorders and are often present with depression. These trauma memories may be obvious to you and you find that they crop up regularly and predictably. However, even when these memories are hidden they remain damaging. Traumatic memories can also be present in many suffering from depression – such as the memory of that first depression.

As the trauma memories are cleared away, you will find this liberating.  Trauma Treatment

Depression and anxiety counselling online will get your life working better.

Perhaps your important relationships are under severe strain. Or is your work stressful and unsatisfying? Perhaps you are feeling unsafe and insecure?  And does your life often appear pointless and unsatisfactory?. If any of this is true for you, then you will be falling into a vicious cycle, where your life problems are becoming ever more difficult. This in turn is increasing your anxieties or deepening your depressions.

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Online anxiety and depression counselling will work to create a virtuous cycle.

As hope returns, you will begin to take action to get your life working again.  You will begin to be feeling more confident and in control and quite naturally, your anxieties and depression will begin to ease. You will be worrying less, living more in the present and be in control.

There is a spectrum between depression at one end and anxieties that the other with many having a bit of both. Where are you on that spectrum?

depression anxiety spectrum

To find out, consider how you sleep. If you are depressed, you will be going to sleep quite easily but this never refreshes you. You are tired a lot of the time and especially in the morning when you will wake, unrefreshed and feeling hopeless and overwhelmed.

If you are anxious, your sleep is likely to be fitful and disturbed and you spend a lot of time awake, with your head going round and round like a hamster wheel.

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Depression – Anxiety spectrum – two great metaphors

Depression is a flood – as depression seeps everywhere and drowns out everything.

Anxieties are volcanic – exploding uncontrollably and shooting into the air.

Metaphors for Depression and Anxieties

flood volcano

What my anxiety and depression counselling online will not be doing

  • No endless talking. Conventional counselling is unaware that simply talking about problems will tend to deepen depression by expanding the focus on what is wrong.
  • No medicalisation of your symptoms. This can increase your sense of hopelessness by presenting your problems as too difficult to solve
  • No focus on your unhelpful thoughts. CBT, which is the therapy of choice of the NHS and other medical systems, focuses on these thoughts. And this is often just too difficult as the powerful feelings that drive the thoughts are ignored. Eventually many who try CBT just give up. Perhaps that’s true for you?
  • No recommendation of impossible tasks, before you are ready.

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