Online Anxiety Counselling

My online therapy for anxiety is as effective as face-to-face, using human givens methods and understandings.
online anxiety counselling

Online anxiety counselling to calm your emotions and face your fears

My online anxiety counselling will make sure your natural anxiety response is keeping you safe when you need it.  But effective anxiety therapy must not be stopping you living the life you wish. My online therapy will get that balance right.

Anxiety is a natural human emotion so we can take the action we need to be safe and to warn of danger. But natural anxiety emotions can become too strong and overwhelming. Then our flight and fight response moves to chronic red alert. And this then will impact negatively on our life. Our family relationships may be suffering. Or our work may be under pressure. And then, these natural anxiety emotions will create a negative self feeding vicious cycle.

Is this true for you?

If so, my online anxiety counselling may well be what you need. We will not spend too much time talking. Instead we will use tailor-made audios, online hypnotherapy and modern psychology.  This will clear away your anxiety triggers and calm you down. And then you will be able to take control of your life.

This will create a self-feeding virtuous circle.

What Human Givens has to say about Anxiety

Four stages of treatment for Online Anxiety Counselling

Stage One:  Using the Rewind trance method to deactivate your primitive flight or fight responses.

Virtually all anxiety problems have trauma like flight or fight firing as an important cause. This means that the essential requirement for online anxiety counselling must have methods to clear away this flight or fight firing.

My experience is that the Rewind method is adaptable for online therapy for anxiety. I have found that online anxiety counselling is therefore as effective as face-to-face.

Stage Two: Developing a better relationship with your anxiety – not fearful but accepting and even welcoming.

My online anxiety therapy will transform your relationship with anxiety.  The result will be that you will be comfortable to accept anxious feelings.  And also  to hear what they are saying to you. You will no longer be fearful and hypervigilant.

Stage Three: Undertaking a Needs Audit

The needs audit will show where your life is not working and how your anxiety is contributing to this. As we stand back and view this audit, we can see where action is needed to get your life back on track and how we can rehearse and plan that.

How well is your life working?

Take this Human Givens NEEDS AUDIT

Stage Four: Finding new ways of thinking, relaxing and visualising

These new ways will build control and confidence. My online anxiety counselling will use all the tools that are available on this website to help you practice your relaxation and rehearse the change you need.

You have much to draw on as needed for your online anxiety therapy

Understand more about the flight fight response, the psychology of anxieties and the signs and symptoms that can arise.

Your Complete Anxiety Guide

Symptoms of Anxiety spelled out


Anxiety Tools

 What are Emotions?
Observing Self
Trauma and Emotional high jacking
Trauma Relief and the Rewind Method
Molar Memories
The nature of projections
Worrying Well
Time Lines
Becoming Adult
The AWARE method
The STOP System

You will have free use of my Breakthrough Audio programmes as required, under my direction

Conscious Relaxation will be great help for practising relaxation.

Trauma Release will allow you to work through your trauma memories on your own.

Take Action – Be Remarkable takes you through the Human Givens Organising Idea

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