Clearing Self-sabotaging Patterns Breakthrough Audio Programme

This Clearing Patterns Self Help Audio Programme is for those who feel stuck in repeating habits and patterns that impact on the life they lead and know that they have potential to achieve so much more.
Clearing Patterns
These habits and patterns can be anything and everything – from feelings of being picked on, to instincts of aggressive over optimism, to the opposite of extreme pessimism and lack of confidence, to feelings of seeing yourself as stupid or ugly, to irresistible temptations to indulge in damaging behaviours and so on.  Clearing Patterns is a programme of five audios which recreates the methods of my proven face to face therapy. This proven help is based on my Human Givens training and my amazing experience over many years.

How to enhance your resources & guidance system

What You’ll Learn

  • The metaphors that talk to and inspire your unconscious.
  • How you have created your life story and what you need to change to give it forward momentum and positivity.
  • The domino effect to generate a new life story.
  • Your small child locked in behaviour, which is still with you when you are under pressure – and how to let it go.
  • To challenge bad thinking and calmly see the bigger picture.
  • What you can do to increase motivation.

Flexible Personalised Service to let go of your Self sabotaging habits

  1. Option 1 The Clearing Patterns Audio Programme on its own.
  2. Option 2 The Clearing Patterns Audio Programme with mentoring and encouragement from me (by phone or email and Skype).
  3. Option 3 One on One Help, to complement Clearing Patterns Audios – to identify and deal with the specific issues you may have and to use my audio programmes optimally.