How to Relax Breakthrough Audio Programme

This How To Relax Self Help Audio Programme is for all who wish to acquire practice tools that will minimise stress and enhance their ability to think and act clearly.
How to Relax

To be able to relax is an essential requirement for emotional and mental health. And so if you are continuously on edge and finding it impossible to relax, then Conscious Relaxation will be great for you.

This Conscious Relaxation Programme of seven audio recreates the tools of the relaxation methods from my one on one therapy. Relaxation can be practised, like playing the piano or learning tennis. And Conscious Relaxation gives you tools to help you do this.

The full Conscious Relaxation Self Help Audio Programme is just £29.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why practicing relaxation really works.
  • Basic relaxation tools – of breathing, anchoring and body scanning.
  • Visualisation Power – producing a calmer more settled mind.
  • Your rate of breathing slowing down naturally.
  • To be comfortable with anxious feelings – that leads to good actions and problem solving.
  • To overcome the background “what if” anxieties chatter.

 Flexible Personalised Service to enhance your capacity to de-stress

  1. Option 1 The Conscious Relaxation Audio Programme on its own.
  2. Option 2 The Conscious Relaxation Audio Programme with mentoring and encouragement from me (by phone or email and Skype).
  3. Option 3 One on One Help, to complement the Conscious Relaxation Audios – to identify and deal with the specific issues you may have and to use my audio programmes optimally.