Be Remarkable – Take Action Breakthrough Audio Programme

This Be Remarkable Self Help Audio Programme is for those who are stuck and know that they need to better understand themselves, to build up their strengths and set achievable goals that will really work for them.
Be Remarkable

Be Remarkable is about the action you need to take to get your life working as it should. It is based on the Organising Idea of Human Givens.

The Be Remarkable programme comprises five audios and recreates the methods of my proven face to face therapy – to give you profound insights and direction that will allow you to get your life working better and for you to reach your potential.

The full Be Remarkable Self Help Audio Programme is just £29.

How to enhance your resources & guidance system

 What You’ll Learn

  • What are your essential emotional needs – as important for you as food and shelter
  • Your Needs Audit – how well is your life delivering for you today?
  • How to enhance your resources and find your strengths
  • Learn what your potential is, by using your inherited gifts and life experiences to live the best life you can.
  • Visualisation Power – using your imagination to rehearse the changes you can now make for fantastic change.

Flexible Personalised Service to take the right action, to be remarkable

  1. Option 1 The Be Remarkable Audio Programme on its own.
  2. Option 2 The Be Remarkable Audio Programme with mentoring and encouragement from me (by phone or email and Skype).
  3. Option 3 One on One Help, to complement the Be Remarkable Audios – to identify and deal with the specific issues you may have and to use my audio programmes optimally.