Releasing Trauma Breakthrough Audio Programme

This Releasing Trauma Self Help Audio Programme is for those who are burdened by traumatic memories and experiences and are excited to learn that there are self help tools to free themselves, once and for all.
Trauma Release

I know I have something special – over fifteen years of experience in helping my traumatised clients and a near 90% success rate.  I use the Human Givens approach – UK based and with hard evidence that it really does relieve traumatic memories.

This Trauma Release Programme of seven audios recreates the methods of my proven face to face therapy. It provides high impact, rapid breakthrough to free you from your powerful and still active past traumatic memories and experiences.

The full Trauma Release Self Help Audio Programme is just £29.

What You’ll Learn

  • You will understand how the flight fight works to create trauma memories.
  • How you can self diagnose – is your trauma straightforward or extended over time or hidden?
  • If you have experiences of past depressions that have been traumatic and what you can do.
  • How to use the Rewind trance method of trauma release – to produce immediate reduction in fog and creating lightness and clarity.
  • How a Weight can lift from your shoulders – the sun is shining again and the clouds have gone.

This is a unique and flexible Personalised Service to identify and release your Trauma

  1. Option 1 The Trauma Release Audio Programme on its own.
  2. Option 2 The Trauma Release Audio Programme with mentoring and encouragement from me (by phone or email and Skype).
  3. Option 3 One on One Help, to complement the Trauma Release Audios – to identify and deal with the specific issues you may have and to use my audio programmes optimally.