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This is depression therapy with a difference. There is no medication. Further, there is no detailed exploration of your past and the issues and concerns that are dominating you right now. Finally, there is no cognitive behavioural therapy that challenges your black and white thinking.

My depression therapy is based on the principles of the Human Givens – which is UK based and dates from around the year 2000. Human Givens has been called the first bio-psycho-social model of therapy for over 40 years. Already there is hard evidence of its effectiveness and its methods have been recognised by the NHS.  The complete evidence base supporting Human Givens

What may be the most important characteristic of my Human Givens depression therapy for you is that we understand what causes most depressions.  Further, this depression therapy understands how most depression can be relieved quickly and easily. This understanding will probably make complete sense to you from your own lived experience of depression. It is a million miles away from the impenetrable jargon and long lists of symptoms which you will have been used to. And as you understand, you will become hopeful.

About me

I have been practicing as a Human Givens therapist since 2005. I help clients with a wide range of mental and emotional problems. The depression therapy help I provide is perhaps the most important. I have helped many hundreds in this time. And for most, there has been significant relief, if not complete recovery in less than six sessions of depression therapy and within a month or two at the very most.

What this Counselling is about
Feeling Better Fast

Has your experience of depression therapy left you confused and desperate?

If you have been satisfied by the conventional medical depression treatment – of antidepressants medication, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and conventional insight counselling – then I am relieved and happy on your behalf. But perhaps you have found that medication has not consistently helped you and/or has been associated for you with unwelcome side-effects and unhealthy dependence. This is unfortunately what independent studies of depression medication effectiveness have found. Read this devastating critique of antidepressants.

Or perhaps your experience of CBT has been that it is just too difficult  and you have given up in despair? Or possibly your experience of conventional counselling has been that, despite pouring out your heart and possibly finding temporary relief, there has been no lasting improvement.  Indeed perhaps you have reluctantly concluded that conventional counselling has worsened your depression?

How Human Givens Depression Therapy works

We will meet, either online or face-to-face and beforehand, you will complete a questionnaire. You will have every opportunity to say whatever you wish to say and for me to discover what I need to know of your life now and how you got to where you find yourself. These meetings will probably include some hypnotherapy.

You will listen to tailor-made audios between our meetings.  And it is highly likely that I will ask you to undertake simple tasks.  For you to truly embed understanding of the causes of your depression, this is a vital part of my depression therapy. This is because it will reduce your fear and dread and bring you hope.

The next stage is to firefight in order to reduce your worrying and rumination, improve your sleeping and begin calming and empowering you.

We will also need to clear your head space of trauma memories and self destructive patterns of behaviour. This can be done in most cases, with hypnosis as a vital tool. As you notice the changes, they will delight you.

And then, as you become calmer and more relaxed more of the time, your perspective will widen. You can begin to look to the future changes you wish to make with greater confidence. This depression therapy will help you to do this and as your life gets back on track, the depression will fade away.

This audio, made many years ago now, is the precurser to the Overcome Depression Audio Programme, which will be an important part of your depression therapy.

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